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Strike back at your competition with the Somero CopperHead. It is the world's first walk behind Laser Screed® concrete leveling machine for grade and above grade flatwork. At a remarkable low price, and coming with on site training, you can now afford to add laser-controlled accuracy, productivity and cost-efficiency to your pours.

Download the CopperHead XD 3.0 Product Brochure here!

The CopperHead XD is the right machine for contractors who want better performance when you encounter difficult applications such as:

  • Chaired rebar
  • Low slump
  • Poor subgrades

The CopperHead XD uses Somero's patented laser leveling technology to cut the concrete to a finished grade, screed it flat, and vibrate it smooth in one pass. You will be able to work faster because the CopperHead XD sets grade automatically, allowing the operator to move quickly and efficiently through the work area.

The CopperHead XD's compact and lightweight design insures ease of operation. A 14 HP engine provides increased power for the drive train, and a smoother ride.

The CopperHead XD comes with a convenient electric start motor and the newly designed control panel makes operating the machine even easier. The hydraulic drive motors keep the XD pulling low slump concrete and riding smoothly over chaired rebar and other obstacles.

The machine auto leveling system makes achieving great floors easy.

CopperHead Performs On The Ice

Imagine using a unique new machine to finish a concrete pour that had the hopes and dreams of a small town riding on the outcome? That was the situation when the Somero CopperHead was put through its paces in Barron, Wisconsin, population 2,900. Volunteers who had supported the building of the town's new ice rink gathered on a fall morning to watch and help lay the floor of the much anticipated arena.

For more information, call 800-314-8933 to speak to one of our customer service representatives.

Wet-Pad Screeding vs. Laser Screed® equipment screeding

Screed concrete without a wet screed crew, and screed it more precisely!

  • Laser guided grade control
  • Miniature, walk-behind Laser Screed® concrete leveling machine
  • Lightweight gas engine over hydraulic power
  • Plow cuts grade
  • Floating head screeds concrete
  • Powered wheels pull off excess concrete
  • Skinny tires don't leave ruts to fill

CopperHead Specifications

Overall Width 123 " - Head (312 cm)
36" - Standard Tires (91 cm)
48" - ATV Tires (122 cm)
Overall Length 9' (274 cm)
Overall Height 43 1/2" - without masts (110.5 cm)
Ground Clearance 11" - under frame (28 cm)
Weight 865 lbs (386 kg) with 10' Head Assembly
Fuel Tank 1.85 gallons (7 l)
Engine Robin America - EH40
Engine Type 4 stroke with 1 cylinder, air cooled
Power 14 HP @ 3600 rpm (10.3 kW)
Battery 12 volt, with 200 watt alternator (16.6 amps)
Control Manual throttle with electric shut-off
Drive Train Hydraulic drive motors with 5.25 :1 gear ratio for each wheel
Propel Control Hand controls - mechanical, proportional hydraulic valves
Wheels - Standard 21" motorcycle custom aluminum weldment
Tires - Standard 80/100 x 21" (53.3 cm) motorcycle tires with aggressive treads
Wheels - Optional Custom 12 x 7 ATV rim (30.5 cm x 25.4 cm)
Tires - Optional 28 x 10 - 12 ATV tires with aggressive treads (71.1 cm x 25.4 cm)
Vibrator Head Hydraulic vibrator, 3000-5500 rpm
Plow Elevation Control Electric Linear actuators with 4" (10.2 cm) stroke, laser controlled
Head Lift 2.0" (5.1 cm) Hydraulic cylinder, manual switch & machine auto level, 6" (15.2 cm) stroke

When Can I Use A Somero CopperHead Laser Screed machine?

The Somero Laser Screed concrete leveling machine helped revolutionize the entire process of concrete placement. Whether you choose the CopperHead or CopperHead XD or XD 3.0, the CopperHead is a smaller machine that can reach places that the "big screeds" cannot! The CopperHead is the first Laser Screed model machine able to work above grade in applications such as steel frame / composite decks and pre-cast deck panels with toppings.

If your current placement methods involve the use of a 2x4, truss screed, or "Magic Screed", it can be placed more efficiently using a CopperHead Laser Screed model machine. In some cases, the CopperHead is even better for jobs that you may be using a large Laser Screed model machine.

How A Somero CopperHead Screed Works

The CopperHead Laser Screed concrete leveling machine works by using the same basic laser control system as the "big" Laser Screed model machines. Some of the electronic components are different, but the key principle remains the same.

The CopperHead itself differs from other Laser Screed model machines in some very unique ways.

Wheels Move Independently From the Head
Above: The wheels move independent of the head.

Floating vs. Fixed: Instead of working from a fixed base of stabilizers, a fixed boom, and reaching "down" to the concrete, the CopperHead vibrating plate actually "floats" on the surface of the concrete. In order to hold grade over the uneven subgrade that represents the placement area, the wheels are designed to move separately from the screed head.

  • The pivot-attachment isolates the movements of the lower and upper frame
  • The laser control system allows the plow to continually cut the concrete to grade even with variations in subgrade
  • The vibrator plate rests on and is actually stabilized by the concrete (i.e. it "floats" on grade!)

In The Mud vs. Outside Of The Mud: The large Laser Screed models reach across the mud and the tires typically stay outside of the concrete. The CopperHead actually drives right through the concrete. Because of this, the machine is "driven" forward and screeds in reverse. As you propel backwards the laser-controlled plow cuts grade and then the vibrator plate floats behind and seals the surface – filling footprints and tire tracks as you go.

Electric Actuators vs. Hydraulic Cylinders: The plow on the CopperHead is moved up and down by a set of electric linear actuators. These actuators are much lighter than hydraulic cylinders and minimize the complexity of the screed head.


CopperHead XD 3.0

CopperHead XD Video

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