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The HoseHog™ is a unique combination of advanced technology and old fashion horsepower that removes the back-breaking and extremely labor-intensive task of dragging concrete hose either on elevated deck or slab on grade.

In March 2007, the HoseHog was awarded the "Most Innovative Product" award!

The Somero HoseHog™ is a tool designed to pick up and move your slick line around the pour site allowing you to place the concrete faster. Utilizing the Somero placing system of two machines and our specially designed pans, the HoseHog offers you the speed, control and power needed to pull hose. The HoseHog™ can increase your productivity 20-30%!

Back injuries from pulling hose are a thing of the past when you let the HoseHog do the backbreaking work. Reduce your crew size or keep them fresh for finishing. A 13 HP engine provides the power to move 4" or 5" hose.

The Somero HoseHog™ is the newest in a long line of products designed by Somero Enterprises to save the Concrete Contractor time and money.

  • Labor Savings
  • Production Increases
  • Reduce Job-Site Injuries

It always pay to accessorize! The HoseHog has some extra components to make it more useful. Check out the latest options and accessories in our catalog.

Download the HoseHog Product Brochure here!

HoseHog™ Specifications

Width 41.55" (105.6 cm)
Length 81.71" (207.5 cm)
Height 51.58" (131.0 cm)
Ground Clearance 10" (25 cm)
Weight 750 lbs (340 kg)
High Floatation Tires Standard
26" Tires Optional
Engine 13.0 hp @ 3600
Electric Start Standard
Self Propel Standard

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Keep an eye out in all of the industry magazines for more information about the HoseHog. Many of our advertisements are available right here!

HoseHog Operator Tips


Tips for improving your HoseHog's Performance

See the HoseHog in Action!

Check out the pictures of the HoseHog on the job. Visit our HoseHog photo gallery here.

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