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Somero Enterprises® has announced the expansion of its Assembly Plant & Building of a New Global Headquarters

Somero Enterprises Inc.® has announced two significant projects this week. The first is adding a 20,000 sq. ft. expansion to its already 52,000 sq. ft. assembly plant in Houghton, MI. The expansion broke ground this week and is the result of providing our customers with benefits that is expected from Somero such as: Increased Efficiency […]

Trading Up Concrete Leveling Equipment

Much like your car or even your cell phone, the ability to trade up has allowed consumers to trade in their old, outdated pieces of equipment for newer, state-of-the-art pieces. The same is true for Somero’s concrete leveling equipment and laser screeds. The 2015 construction season is in full swing and according to the Portland […]

Somero Enterprises Inc.® is a proud member of the ASCC

Somero Enterprises Inc.® is a proud member of the American Society of Concrete Contractor (ASCC) Please visit for more information or click here to see all of our Industry Associations.

Somero® Welcomes Graeme Liu

The Customer Support department is pleased to welcome Graeme Liu onboard. Graeme started working with on April 13th as a full-time Customer Support Engineer. As a Customer Support Engineer, Graeme will be responsible for troubleshooting, actual demonstration and customer training processes. Graeme has a Bachelor’s degree in Vehicle Engineering from Yang Zhou University. Previously, Graeme […]

Product of the Month: The S-22 E Laser Screed

The world of construction has significantly moved on from the worker and labor intensive styles of working to those that are more technologically guided and aided. With the widespread of use of technology becoming norm, there are several products that have come into the market vying for the attention of the contractors to make their […]

Financing Options for Concrete Leveling Equipment

The use of concrete has become widespread in the world today. Whether it is the construction industry, the remodeling industry, or the repair industry, the use of concrete has become one of the most sought after services. Keeping in line with that stream of thought, people have increasingly started to open businesses that specialize in […]

Concrete Parking Lots & Laser Screeds

The world of construction has evolved over the years, with the use of different materials in places that most would earlier have never imagined. The concrete market is a billion dollar industry and with the use of effective equipment, you can very well be able to tap into those resources and earn a profit for […]

Trade-Ins Welcome at Somero®

The 2015 Construction season is in full swing. During the Portland Cement Association (PCA) Press Conference, they stated that the U.S. would be up double digits from last year. We are excited about the opportunity that our customers have in front of them. If you have ever considered upgrading your old outdated technology equipment for […]

The Pros & Cons of Factory Certified Refurbished Concrete Equipment

It seems that with all products on the market and within all industries, there’s a debate as to whether or not factory refurbished equipment is a worthwhile investment. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the pros and cons of purchasingfactory certified refurbished concrete leveling equipment to hopefully help our readers make the best decision […]

The Next Generation Takes the Challenge

Two men, each from different firms, have stepped up to a world-class project and prove the next generation is ready to carry forward the legacy of their fathers. Read Full Article