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Customer Satisfaction Delivered!

Somero® Customer Service We are Here to Help You 24/7! Somero strives to provide the best customer service for all of our customer’s concrete leveling equipment needs. We stand behind our high quality equipment 100% and are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have! We wanted to know what YOU […]

Who Is Somero Enterprises, Inc.® ?

Somero Enterprises, Inc.® is more than the World-Wide Leader in Concrete Leveling Equipment and Technically Innovative Machinery Company. Somero is a company that is based on being Passionate About Our Customer’s Success! With offices in Houghton, Michigan, Fort Myers, Florida, Chesterfield, England, Shanghai, China and New Delhi, India all strategically placed to serve more than […]

Somero Enterprises® Congratulates Pisos Industriales JCR S.A.S on their purchase of The All New S-10A

We are pleased to announce that the first owner of the All New S-10A Laser Screed® Model is in Bogotá, Colombia. Somero Enterprises® congratulates Pisos Industriales JCR S.A.S on their purchase and is proud to welcome them to the Somero Family.

Somero Enterprises® New Global Headquarters and Training Facility in Fort Myers, FL Update!

Somero Enterprises, Inc.® grounds for its new Global Headquarters and Training Facility in Fort Myers, Florida have been cleared and 98% of the block work is up to grade. Somero and its partners have made great progress thus far on this 14,000 sq. ft. facility scheduled to be completed in April of 2016. Concrete is […]

State of the US Construction Industry and Effects on Concrete Projects

Coming back from the worst construction deficit in the past 75 years, it wasn’t easy for anyone working in the construction industry. There was indeed a ‘come back’ in 2011 according to financial results that showed steady improvement and has continued since. As the US economy improves, so does the construction industry. Types of work […]

The Importance of Proper Laser Screed Head Length

Depending on the size and complexity of your project, you will need to choose a Laser Screed® head to proper fit your needs. There are several different models of Laser Screeds and Laser Screed head length you should take into consideration. Below is a brief explanation of some of three different models and sizes of […]

Somero Enterprises® Houghton, Michigan 20,000 sq. ft. Expansion Project is Complete!

Somero Enterprises® Inc. is pleased to announce that the 20,000 sq. ft. addition to our already 52,000 sq. ft Operations and Support Facility is complete and fully operational! What this means for our customers and future business partners is, the expansion will allow us to continue giving our customers benefits that is expected from Somero […]

October is quickly coming to a close and so is the S-160 Laser Screed® Deal of the Month!

October is quickly coming to a close and so is the S-160 Laser Screed® Deal of the Month! October’s Laser Screed Deal of the month is the S-160 Laser Screed and we only have 2 left. If you have been thinking of a Factory Certified Remanufactured Machine, the S-160 is a perfect fit for every […]

Somero Enterprises® Introduces the All New 2015 S-10A Laser Screed® Machine ~ Engineered For You!

Introducing the S-10A Laser Screed® Machine! Engineered For You! The ALL NEW S-10A has been engineered for productivity and convenience! It is compact in size at just 7,500 pounds, but highly productive. With a 20’ telescopic boom and our patented, fully automated, self-leveling 10’ screed head the S-10A allows customers to screed 200 square feet […]

Choosing the Best Concrete Screed for Your Needs

Construction workers who pour concrete are familiar with using a screed. If you are a business owner, you should be doing some research on what screeds you are going to invest in. There are many types of concrete screeds available to buy and it is crucial to pick a screed that fits the needs of […]