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September’s Laser Screed® Deal of the Month!

July and August were extremely hot months for the Somero® SXP Laser Screed® Model. We only have a few left so now is the time to purchase before we run out of inventory. September’s Laser Screed Deal of the month is the ever popular Mini Screed™ C Model! Superior productivity and flatness with the Mini […]

The Benefits of Used Concrete Screeds for Sale

If your circumstances do not allow you to purchase brand new concrete equipment, why not buy a remanufactured concrete screed? Though not all used concrete equipment is created equal, buying factory refurbished equipment that has been remanufactured from a reputable company like Somero is a great option for those who are not able to purchase […]

Somero’s SXP Factory Certified Laser Screeds® Are Moving Fast!

July and August have proved to be sizziling months for Somero’s SXP®Remanufactured models! Now is the time to to purchase a Factory Certified Remanufactured SXP Laser Screed® model before the inventory runs out. Advantages to buying a Factory Certified Remanufactured Large Line Laser Screed from the experts are: Updated to the the latest and best […]

Somero Enterprises® Global Customer Support Provides State-of-the-Art Service!

Somero Enterprises® Global Customer Support Provides State-of-the-Art Service! We have years of experience working with customers to solve even the toughest application and maintenance problems associated with Laser Screed® concrete leveling equipment. When you buy from Somero®, we stand behind our equipment and give you our expert help 24 hours a day. Every piece of […]

The Void of Expansive Soils and the Concrete Placement Equipment that Fills It!

When Somero Enterprises, Inc.® was approached about a recent carton crate concrete project in Texas, and asked if our Laser Screed® products could help in placing the concrete, our team was ready for the challenge! Expansive soils are a common problem that concrete contractors face in high humidity and rain saturated States. The solution is […]

Redwood Expansion Joints Recently Concurred by using Somero Enterprises® S-15R Laser Screed® Model!

On a recent project that was using Redwood Expansion Joints to place concrete slabs, the contractor didn’t believe that a Laser Screed® machine could be used on a project using such joints. The Somero S-15R Laser Screed model proved to be a great success on the Redwood Expansion Joint project. Easy maneuverability around the joints […]

The Somero Total Process

There is a reason why concrete contractors and construction teams across the United States trust Somero® to provide equipment for their concrete leveling and compacting projects. The Somero Total Process Responsibility delivers quality results on any jobsite. But don’t just take our word for it. See the Somero Total Process at work today in our […]

Simple Ways to Ensure Concrete Jobsite Safety

The jobsite presents new challenges and obstacles each day, and we never know what we might find. However, one thing that remains the same is the need for proper jobsite safety and hazard prevention. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more than 250,000 people work in concrete manufacturing, and over 10% of […]

Congratulations to Fenix Construction on their purchase of the Somero S-22E Demo Laser Screed® model!

Congratulations to Fenix Construction on their purchase of the Somero S-22E Demo Laser Screed® model! Somero Enterprise® is the industry leader for innovative and productive concrete placing and leveling solutions. Our products make the concrete contractor more efficient, more productive, and more profitable. Now we make it simple by giving the contractor even more control […]

Achieve Floor Flatness and Levelness with F-Numbers

Flatter and more level concrete floors are made possible with the F-number system. F-numbers were first used in 1983 on a commercial project, and we continue to use them today in order to achieve floor flatness and levelness. The degree of flatness and levelness is expressed using two numbers: FF (flatness) and FL (levelness). These […]