Concrete Surface Repair

Residential Concrete Surface Repair

When a concrete contractor is called to a specific job site to assess aresidential concrete surface, would that contractor repair the concrete surface immediately or replace it? Before a concrete contractor can physically start on aconcrete repair job, they have to know what caused the problem in the first place. In the end it’s the responsibility of the concrete contractor to determine the most suitable method for the concrete repair.

We recently read an article from For Construction ProsRepair or Replace, which we thought would be valuable to share with our clients. According to the article, replacing damaged concrete was often the preferred solution to repair – 10 years ago. This decade however focuses on a more sustainable, greener building environment that pushes for concrete repair versus replacement.

Concrete Repair vs. Replacement

Concrete repair is possible after the concrete contractor assess the extent of damage and determines that concrete restoration is achievable. If the concrete surface is worn or chipped, then repair is a viable option.

It’s important to consider how deteriorated the concrete actually is – is there spalling? If there is spalling, the concrete will likely have to be replaced entirely. If the damage was the result of poor installation, the answer is again yes,replacement concrete is the best option.

Concrete Concerns

Concrete will eventually wear out over time for a number of reasons – some of them being poor installation, settling, or just plain wear and tear. To avoid numerous concrete repairs it’s imperative to repair concrete surfaces with innovative material and equipment.

Repair Uneven or Worn Concrete Floors with Concrete Leveling Equipment

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