Remanufactured CopperHead® XD™ 2.0

Cut your concrete to a finished grade, screed it flat, and vibrate it smooth in a single pass. With the self-propelled CopperHead® XD™ 2.0 you get superior productivity, labor savings and improved levelness with this walk-behind Laser Screed® machine.

Details that set a Somero Remanufactured Machine apart from any other “used” machine:

  • Process starts with a 17 point inspection
  • All parts removed are blasted and re-painted
  • Head will be completely inspected, repaired and painted
  • Full OASIS Laser Control System Upgrade
  • Re-assembled and tested at the same facility that manufactures “new” machines
  • After Purchase:
    • 1-Year Factory Certified Warranty
    • Training and C.E. certification made available

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