S-840 Laser Screed®

If you want higher Floor Levelness numbers, the S-840 will provide you with better performance than any other mechanical method and is one of the most versatile concrete machines available. The S-840 has three options for your convenience: a fully automated self-leveling screed head, a raking head, and a sub-grade head. The automated screed process increases profitability by providing fewer man hours per project, and its custom control system provides faster elevation and SLS response. The S-840 can screed up to 5,000 square feet on average per hour.


Features and Benefits

  • Improved floor quality
  • Increased profitability
  • Somero Quick GradeSet System
  • Available with a Raking or Sub-Grade Head
  • Automatic column block protection
  • Live calibration for consistent, unsurpassed performance
  • Works well with slump as low as 3 ½” / 8.9 cm
  • Rotating Head Dollies (optional)
  • Compatible with the 3-D Profiler System®
  • OASIS Laser Control System

Base Specifications


1,548  lbs | 702 kg


3’ 6” | 1.1 m


9’ 7” | 2.9 m


20 ½ HP | 15 kW Subaru EH63


Diesel 24.8 HP Kubata DH902


38 PSI | 262 kPa


9.8 PSI | 67.6 kPa


4-Wheel Drive w/ Hydraulic Motors


8’ | 2.4 m


8’ 11″ | 2.7 m
6′ | 1.8 m Rake/Sub-Grade Head


“In one particularly tough area, the pour was a 10" (250mm) thick slab with double layer highway mesh (6x6 #3 rebar)(150x150 #10) chaired up every 4 feet (1200mm) using 4 foot (1200mm) bolster chairs. The chairs were laid parallel to the direction of screeding. This section of the pour was basically like walking on a spring-board. The S-840 continually traveled vertically 2"-4" (50-100mm) while riding on the mesh, in or out of concrete.

The slump for the job averaged around 3"-4" (75-100mm) with most of it on the 3" (75mm) side. The crew encountered some cold joints due to the pump moving but the machine blended the fresh concrete well, screeding parallel to the joint. They also screeded the concrete in one area when the machine was tilted 3-5" (75-125mm) lower on one side. The soft landing feature of the S-840 worked extremely well, leaving a very fine transition line, just like the Somero SXP®-D Laser Screed®.

In another 2,300 sq. ft. (230m2) section of the pour, with an 8" (200mm) slab and a single layer of mesh (6x6 #3) (150x150 #10), actual screeding time was 15 minutes, with no laborers working around or with the machine. Even though the machine was pulling 2-4" (50-100mm) of concrete there was never a loss of pulling power. And, the S-840 was intuitive enough to hold grade climbing out of the pour onto an 8" (200mm) slab and it did not leave any high or low spots in the concrete."

John Modany, President
Modany Falcone

"As a small Company the S-840 was a big purchase for us but a very satisfying and positive one. You might say you are too small a company to get one, but the reality is the smaller yourcompany the higher percentage of your work force the S-840 will replace and so it still makes sense.

Also Somero® was wonderful to deal with making everything as easy as possible and giving us confidence that we will be looked after. They also referred us to lease companys of whom one has done multiple equipment deals for us now since with excellent service. With the S-840 you don't only get a Laser Screed®, You get Somero!"

Warren Bauman
Countryside Concrete

The S-840 Outperforms!

A closer look at the quality and precision you can expect from an S-840 Laser Screed®. This video shows the smooth floors you can achieve on both indoor and outdoor floors.