SkyScreed 25

Introducing the Somero® SkyScreed® 25. Through advancements in technology and feedback from our customers, the SkyScreed 25 machine is the first Laser Screed® machine in the world to allow screeding on structural high-rise and slab-on grade applications. The versatile articulating knuckle boom provides unparalleled versatility. Labor savings, floor quality and increased productivity are just a few of the benefits you will get using this machine.

The lower frame has three stabilizers. The upper frame and screed head rotate 360°, this provides the flexibility to screed around columns and other protrusions. The auger-less screed head allows for screeding in any direction, while the powerful vibrator motor consolidates the concrete. The elevation is controlled by Somero’s OASIS laser control system. This Laser Screed® machine is powered by a 32.5 HP / 24.2 kW Kubota gasoline engine with electric start. The machine functions are controlled via wireless control.

Features and Benefits

  • 25′ / 7.6m Knuckle Boom
  • OASIS Laser Control System
  • 8′ / 2.6m Floating Vibrator Screed Head
  • Somero Quick GradeSet System™
  • 360° Machine Base/Screed Head Rotation
  • Patented Self Leveling System – SLS
  • Set Up Jig
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Auxiliary Power Unit
  • Programmable Quick Pass
  • Column-Block Protection
  • Automatic Hydraulic Oil warming
  • On-board Pressure Washer
  • Storage
  • Lift Harness & Tag Line
  • Positioning Buckets

Base Specifications


9,000 lbs / 4,100 kg


8′ 2″ / 2.47 m (transport mode)


25′ / 7.62 m (transport mode)


7′ 10″ / 2.39 m (transport mode)


32.5 HP Kubota (24.2 kW)


8′ / 2.4 m


25′ / 7.6 m


  • Transmitter
  • Tripod
  • Column Clamp
  • Silver / Gold Kit

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Working with the Sky Screed [25] we were able to save 90 minutes on our deck with 5 fewer men.”

Randy Bergakker , Superintendent
Kent Companies

Somero Sky Screed 25

We’re proud to introduce the Somero Sky Screed 25, the first Knuckle Boom Laser Screed machine in the world to allow screeding on structural high-rise and slab-on-grade applications. This revolutionary Laser Screed machine was developed to increase labor savings, improve floor quality, and increase productivity. The innovative articulating knuckle boom makes all of this possible by providing unparalleled versatility.