Section 179 Tax Deduction Benefit

Now is the BEST Time to Buy or Trade-in a Laser Screed® Machine

For 2019, companies can deduct up to $1,000,000 of capital equipment purchases. In addition, companies can now take advantage of the bonus depreciation, up to 100%, on            both new and remanufactured equipment.

There is no better time than right now to use this savings to invest back into your business. Obsolete equipment and outdated technology  negatively affects your business. In today’s competitive business environment its important you stay on the cutting edge.

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What equipment qualifies?
Everything Somero offers including:
– NEW Laser Screed® Machines
– NEW Material placement equipment
– NEW 3D Profiler System®

As well as, trade-ins:
Somero is currently open to customers looking to trade in their obsolete
equipment towards the purchase of new. Contact Us today and see if your machine qualifies.
Remanufactured Equipment:

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