The History of Concrete

Concrete has been used for centuries, aiding historical monuments and tourist attractions worldwide. Read along as we go through the history of concrete, and discover how valuable this simple element really and truly is.

Early Uses of Concrete

Since 12,000,000 BC, reactions between limestone and oil shale during spontaneous combustion occurred in Israel to form a natural deposit of cement compounds. Later, concrete materials were used to hold bamboo together in boats, to build the Great Wall, and even the famous Pantheon in 200 AD.

After 400 AD, the art of concrete was lost after the fall of the Roman Empire until it was rediscovered in 1756 by British Engineer, John Smeaton.

The Rise of Concrete

Once concrete was rediscovered, many architects and contractors used concrete to help fix everyday tools, transportation such as boats, and later used to build homes and cottages. Several inventors and entrepreneurs have used concrete to reinforce gardens, beams and post for its long lasting durability.

In 1889, the first concrete reinforced bridge was built, leading to an evolutionary vision for the future. Concrete has continued to be used for roads, some of which still exist today such as the first concrete street ever in the USA, which was built shortly after the bridge in Bellefontaine, Ohio in 1891.

The 1900’s

Thomas Edison was also a pioneer in the further development of concrete, which eventually led to inventing the rotary kiln in 1902. Shortly after, August Perre makes concrete an acceptable architectural material in 1904. This eventually lead the element to establish its first official organization, the Portland Cement Association in 1916.

The next year later, the US Bureau of Standards and the American Society for testing Materials established a standard formula for Portland cement. Concrete building led to building some of the first high-rises to ever exist, later making concrete one of the most versatile elements in the construction industry. Some find examples of concrete structures include the Hoover Dam, Villa Savoye, and the Bertrand Goldberg’s twin towers.

Concrete Today

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