The Impact of Laser Screeds on the Concrete Industry

There was a time in history when contractors had no other choice than to hire individuals to manually lay down concrete. Thankfully, a lot has changed and today, Laser Screeds have revolutionized the way that contractors and individuals in the concrete industry follow through with their every day tasks. Here are some of the top ways laser screeds can increase productivity on any construction site:

  1. Saves Money on Labor


Not only do Laser Screeds level floors and smooth concrete perfectly, these amazing machines are able to get tasks done the first time around AND can do so much quicker and with a much smaller team than concrete leveled and smoothed manually. Ultimately, these factors lead to increased productivity and efficiency.

As an example what used to take a full team of men 4 or 5 days can now be done by a laser screed in less than 4 hours. From a sheer labor perspective this can represent a cost-savings to companies of tens of thousands of dollars per job – or millions of dollars/year.

Investing in laser screed technology will reduce costs on labor since you are able to operate machines with only a few people. In fact, a current Laser Screed owner, Jesse Olsen of Alaska Professional Construction stated that “It doesn’t matter if there are 50 feet or 300 feet of hose to pull, I still only need three crew members on the line.” This helps keep labor costs down, consistent, and small teams can now accomplish what once took dozens or more.

  1. Less Time Spent Working Per Project

In addition to saving money, Laser Screeds allow for projects to get finished MUCH faster and with more accuracy compared to any other concrete equipment currently available. Concrete contractors can get projects completed with higher quality, more efficiency, and can produce more square footage each day. Somero products also last a long time, saving you time and money on maintenance repairs and faulty equipment. Business owners and contractors have received positive feedback on projects finished with laser screed equipment, and agree that it is a great investment. To see what our other customers have to say, click here.

  1. Gives Businesses an Edge in the Market

Because Somero Laser Screed technology is one of a kind, it gives companies in the concrete business and edge in the market. Laser Screeds also allow for companies to compete on larger projects allowing for businesses to grow and stay relevant no matter how slow the market is or their existing labor size.

Concrete contractors and fellow employees can deliver on the promise that the project will get done correctly in a time efficient manner, always. Other companies in the concrete industry are not able to deliver on this promise unless they are using top of the line products from Somero Enterprises.

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