The Importance of Proper Laser Screed Head Length

Depending on the size and complexity of your project, you will need to choose a Laser Screed® head to proper fit your needs. There are several different models of Laser Screeds and Laser Screed head length you should take into consideration.

Below is a brief explanation of some of three different models and sizes of Somero’s latest and greates Laser Screeds:

(As you read, keep in mind Laser Screed Head Lengths and the Laser Screed that would fit best for your project(s)!)

  • The S-10A is engineered for you, as is our latest innovation at Somero. This laser screed is fully automated and self –levels with a 10-foot screed head allowing for a 20-foot telescopic boom reach. The operator will be able to fine tune and calibrate the machine without leaving the operator area. Known for its light weight, 2-wheel steer, 3 stabilizers, a Somero Quick GradeSet System, and an OASIS Laser Control System, the S-10A allows for productive and convenient engineering.
  • The S-15R is the name you can trust for innovative and productive concrete placing and leveling solutions. With quick and easy set up, you will be ready to level concrete in minutes! This machine screeds up to 460 square meters/hour (5,000 sf) and is easy to clean with on-board hydraulic pressure washer. In addition, the S-15R has an 8 or 10-foot head option allowing for fully integrated head assembly plows, levels and consolidates in a single automated pass for all of your concrete needs. WOW!
  • Last but certainly not least, the S-22E combines the best features of the past 30 years with advancements to create the most technologically advanced Laser Screed model Somero has ever built! With 360-degree machine rotation, single touch stabilizer control, 20-foot boom reach, 2 wheel, 4 wheel, and crab steering, the S-22E has everything you could want and need in a Laser Screed. Not to mention you can personally select the screed head size for this machine to accommodate your specific concrete leveling project.

As these are only a few descriptions of the Laser Screeds that Somero provides, it provides a broad understanding of some of the key differences between the different types. If you have a smaller area to screed, you probably do not need a Laser Screed head larger than 10 feet. As projects get bigger, it is important to have a Laser Screed with a much larger head in order to finish your project as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Not only does the proper Laser Screed head reflect on your project efficiency, but it also greatly affects your business. Labor costs can be reduced by half when you choose the right equipment. Over or underworking during projects can reflect out costs, resulting in a decrease of overall revenue for your company. Choosing the right screed head can also help your employees by allowing them to work as effectively as possible, saving everyone time and money!

To view all of Somero’s Laser Screeds and the screed head sizes that are available, visit our product’s page!