The Somero Power Rake 3.0: Ride-in Design

Concrete raking is a task that typically requires considerable manual labor. The greater the area needed to be raked, the more labor and more time consuming the overall task gets. Somero Concrete Equipment streamlines concrete raking by offering the revolutionary PowerRake 3.0.

A Revolutionary Tool

The Somero PowerRake has been designed to enable a single operator to effectively cover a wider area when raking concrete in a significantly reduced amount of time. It is a four-wheel drive, hydraulically powered ride-on machine that requires minimal training – thereby allowing crew to become proficient within a few minutes at most.


The unique design and features of PowerRake 3.0 streamlines the entire process of concrete raking, enhancing efficiency and productivity considerably. Some of the features are as follows:

Ride-On Operator Platform

The ride-on platform provides convenient access to the operator console while providing an optimal view of the work area. The controls provided are extremely user-friendly.

Lift Points

The well-placed lift points make it easy to hoist the machine. The design incorporates a D-ring/4-part lift strap for hoisting purposes.

Precise Laser Receivers

The built-in Somero Laser Receivers are accurately tuned to continually communicate the grade reference to the operating individual.

Efficient Steering Mechanism

The responsive steering mechanism makes it easy to control the machine, particularly in tight corners. The steering can be controlled through a joystick on the operator console.

Load-Sensing Hydraulic System

The load-sensing hydraulic system is designed to continuously sense and transmit signals to ensure correct power to the wheels. This system ensures that the ideal power is transferred to the wheels depending on the specific conditions – to ensure maximum grip.

Rugged Push/Pull Plow-Head

The push/pull plow-head installed on the PowerRake 3.0 is surprisingly rugged for its weight. The reduced weight makes it easier to hoist the machine, whereas the rugged nature of the plow-head enables the machine to remove excessive concrete or push it in lower spots.

Improvements in PowerRake 3.0

Somero Concrete Equipment, especially the Somero PowerRake family, is renowned for high durability and efficiency. The PowerRake 3.0 continues this legacy by offering enhanced power, more speed, and better maneuverability.

These improvements have resulted in a more powerful, yet quieter machine that can rake concrete to accuracy +/- .25”.

The machine can work with all kinds of screeding equipment, ranging from handheld to 2×4 vibrating screeds.

Health Benefits for Construction Crew

The PowerRake offers a major health benefit for crew involved in raking of dumped concrete: it eliminates back strains and exhausted crews by doing all the labor-intensive work. This allows the crew to focus on other crucial things at the site while a single operator looks after the concrete raking process.

The Somero PowerRake machine has transformed the entire backbreaking process of concrete raking into something easier, faster, and more efficient – that too with less labor. With a powerful 13.5 hp engine and 4-wheel drive system; the PowerRake 3.0 is the perfect tool for all concrete-raking applications.

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