Why Invest in Concrete Leveling Equipment?

concrete leveling equipment

Concrete leveling equipment is used for patio floor leveling, cement floor leveling, and in repairing concrete floors. Using concrete leveling equipment is cost-effective, as it gets the overall job completed faster as well as reduces overall labor costs.

Cost of leveling is fraction of what would incur if the process included manually breaking up, removing, and replacing the concrete floor. The process involves drilling strategic holes around the concrete slabs and putting in new concrete to raise the concrete level and fill in any voids that are causing the problem.

Average Cost of Concrete Leveling

The cost to level concrete with concrete leveling equipment will depend on two things:

  • How far does the bed need to be raised?
  • How accessible is the area that requires leveling?

Concrete leveling equipment is bulky and therefore has difficulty accessing tight areas and confined spots. As a result, the cost increases as additional labor time is required to level that area. Typically, it will cost around $5 – $8 per square foot to level the concrete floor. If you need extra labor time to get the machine into position or level hard to reach spots, the costs of concrete leveling can be as much as $15 per square foot.

Concrete Leveling Equipment

Uneven or broken concrete problems occur due to problems with soil underneath the flooring and may also arise due to bad backfill job or frost heaves. These problems occur as companies use poor quality or average type fills. In addition, the problem also occurs as companies use too much bedding without the right soil or use excessive amount of silt without appropriate bedding.

Additionally and to avoid uneven concrete pouring, we offer a system called SiteShape, which is a system that helps to point out where the high and low spots are before a concrete slab is even poured. Using SiteShape’s information, excavators can come in and level the subground before pouring.

The latest concrete level equipment applies enough pressure to the flooring under the machine that if given enough time will do a good job of leveling the floor. The equipment generally weighs around 1,200 – 2,500 pounds that applies great pressure to the concrete slab below, thereby leveling the area.

Concrete leveling over large areas is no easy task. Having the right quality concrete equipment and technicians is the key to achieving quality flatness and levelness in less time. Concrete leveling equipment equipped with 3D Profiling option allows you to level challenging contoured surfaces accurately and in quick time. Precision concrete leveling allow you to easily level catch drains, inclines, curved profiles, compound curves, and strip drains.

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