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Somero Enterprises Trading Update

Somero has published another positive trading update. With continued strong trade in North America and the Middle East, a good contribution from Europe and Latin America and increased activity in recent months in China, we are again upgrading forecasts for the full year. Interim results will be published on 8th September 2015.

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In this note we assess the investment case for Somero. With a highly profitable and
cash generative North American business, an excellent medium term growth
opportunity in China and longer term growth prospects in India and other key
markets in South East Asia, we believe that despite a good run of late in the share
price, the investment case remains compelling.

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Somero has produced another strong set of full year results with EBITDA, PBT, EPS and DPS
coming in ahead of analysts’ expectations. With continued strong trade in the US, increased
penetration of the products into China and growth in a number of other markets, we believe the
company will again demonstrate very good growth in 2015.

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Somero Enterprises is the world leader in a niche market, namely precision concrete placing and levelling equipment. As such it achieves very high margins and is highly cash generative. With the US recovery in full flight, the market has become increasingly interested in and excited about the medium to long term growth story in Asian markets, making the Somero investment proposition so much more than a simple cyclical play. In this note we examine the company's strategic growth plan.

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2015 Economic Overview by Anirban Basu of Sage Policy Group Inc.

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Healthy Growth Expected for Nonresidential Construction Market

Washington, D.C. – July 29, 2015 – Despite the adverse weather conditions that curtailed design and construction activity in the first quarter of the year, the overall construction market has performed extremely well to date. The greatest amount of activity was seen in the building of commercial properties – most notably offices and hotels – with an unusually high spike in manufacturing construction spending triggered by the surge in domestic oil and natural gas production.

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