S-840 Outperforms!
  • S-840 Outperforms!
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  • S-840 in Action!
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Somero News

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Somero Enterprises is the world leader in a niche market, namely precision concrete placing and levelling equipment. As such it achieves very high margins and is highly cash generative. With the US recovery in full flight, the market has become increasingly interested in and excited about the medium to long term growth story in Asian markets, making the Somero investment proposition so much more than a simple cyclical play. In this note we examine the company's strategic growth plan.

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The House and Senate Pass Section 179 Extension

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The Tax Extenders Bill passed the House and Senate and now awaits the President's signature.  What does this mean for concrete contractors?

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The Construction Backlog Indicator (CBI) is a forward-looking national economic indicator that reflects the amount of work that will be performed by commercial and industrial contractors in the months ahead. This new, national economic data set is the only reliable leading economic indicator offering this level of specificity focused on the U.S. commercial and institutional, industrial, and infrastructure construction industries.