Our Core Values

At Somero® we believe in a set of core values for how we do business, how we innovate, how we treat our customers and employees. Our values include:

Learning & Teaching

The Company’s commitment to teaching and learning is that it will provide an environment for employees to participate in both, giving every employee an opportunity grow personally and professionally.

We believe this growth is a commitment from the employee and Somero® and begins on Day One. Somero® is committed to teach each and every employee the values of the company, how to apply his or her skills and where to find the tools to do their job. The employee’s commitment is to take what they learn, apply it to be the best they can be at their job and actively seek out opportunities to learn.

This commitment has to go further for the Company and the individual to grow. Everyone needs to look around to see what they can learn and where they can teach or mentor as we face new challenges in our growth. We all have unique skills and abilities, therefore, we all have a lot to offer.

Learning and teaching IS growing. It isn’t easy but it is rewarding!

Creative Solutions (Problem Solving)

In a growing company, sometimes solving one problem can create another. At Somero®, we grow because we aren’t afraid to tackle big problems and create opportunities from them. We know it can be stressful, even frustrating, but we move forward each and every time we solve a problem.

Somero® is successful because it does something no one else can do for its customers. We press for resolutions that optimize the opportunity to advance the product and our customers. We strive for more than a fix…we strive for a solution which considers every angle. Our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation is what drives us to lead the industry forward.

We expect our people to avoid the traditional approach by challenging everything to uncover some golden opportunities that are hidden and instead of small incremental improvements we jump ahead. We give you the ability to tap into a broad range of resources and dig deep to provide options instead of focusing on the first thought.

One problem after another isn’t how we think at Somero®. We see it as one opportunity after another!

Be Accountable, Take Ownership

We hold ourselves accountable to our shareholders, customers and to our employees. We expect nothing less from the people that work here. Collectively and individually we all share a duty to take ownership of our responsibilities and our performance. At Somero® being accountable and taking ownership in your job is just the minimum. We expect that each person understands the impact of their actions and will not just be accountable and take ownership in their area but lead by example and take initiative when they notice issues so that the individual, the team and the company can succeed. The best team members take ownership of issues and collaborate with other team members whenever challenges arise to make us all better at what we do.

Sense of Urgency

At Somero® good enough never is. In our culture, we are always striving to be great…great equipment, great service, great place to work, great customers, great co-workers. Having a sense of urgency in striving for great will allow us to exceed our own high standards and keep our competitors looking at us from behind.

There is never time to wait for great. We need to act every day with a sense of urgency to improve efficiency, develop better products, help our customers and improve shareholder value.

Proactive Honest Communication

We value clearly defined and honest communication with our employees, customers, and vendors. Strong, positive relationships begin with open and honest communication and we strive not to just live up to this value but to be proactive in applying it.  We know it’s easy to get caught up in the work and not have time to connect with the people who need to hear from you. With a fast-paced environment like ours, time seems to be the enemy and “easy” is getting the work done. But you are still accountable to take the time to communicate with your co-workers, your manager, and the customer.

We know sometimes the honest news can be hard to deliver and to take. We encourage you to communicate too much instead of not enough. We know that you’ll grow personally and professionally if you communicate with the people around you, internally and externally.

Embrace & Drive Change

Somero® has a clearly defined purpose but the culture of constant change can make it appear that we have a problem with direction. That is far from true. We never want to become complacent and accept the status quo just because that’s the way things have always been done. We are always evaluating our processes, systems, priorities, goals, and planning to match the situation. We’ll give you a supportive environment where you have the freedom to make mistakes that take us forward and where you can approach situations and challenges with an open mind.

We want to continually challenge you to embrace changes both large and small and drive the company to move forward in ways that aren’t yet defined.

Have Fun

We like to think we don’t take fun lightly. In one location we even have an official Fun Committee.

With offices and people located around the world, it can be a challenge to incorporate fun into a day at work. When you walk around the various offices of Somero® you are just as likely to hear laughter in a phone conversation as you are to hear people joking around in the office. We think it is important that you like your co-workers and when the time is right, you have a little fun with them. We encourage working some fun into meetings and also encourage informal get together’s at lunch or after hours. We play hard too and although we can be a competitive group, we never leave anyone out that wants to be included.

We think fun is part of the glue that makes the company work. Having fun equals enjoyment and if you are enjoying work, it is a win-win for everyone!

Express Our Passion Through Our Amazing Service

Our customers expect great service from us but we know that our passion will shine through when we give them amazing service! Passion and determination are contagious and we are ready to share them with our customers and coworkers!


Our approach to doing business is to make your life simple and amazing.

Simplicity is all about focusing on removing clutter or the unnecessary from our products, processes, and services until all that remains is essential and useful. We remove complexity, complication, and difficulties, whether for our customers or our employees.

We make our products easy to use. We make our services customer friendly and we make our processes employee friendly.