Somero to Open First-of-its-Kind Concrete Training Facility in Fort Myers

Bryan Birdwell to Facilitate Exclusive ACI Certification Training Fort Myers, FL – March 27, 2017 – Somero Enterprises, Inc., a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced concrete placing equipment and associated machinery, is opening a custom-built 6,300 sq.-ft. facility to support its pioneering Somero Concrete Institute (SCI) training programs. Marking the launch of the facility are… Read more »

Somero Equipment Finance Protection: What You Need to Know

Somero customers may have heard the phrase ‘Equipment Finance Protection’ or EFP. EFP is a software program that provides leverage for our finance department to ensure timely collection of installment payments or payments in entirety that are due after shipment. This tool allows some customers to qualify and obtain financing for equipment with the utilization of… Read more »

Why You Should Upgrade to the New Somero® 3-D Profiler System®!

3-D Profiler

At the World of Concrete Somero was proud to release a new update for our 3-D Profiler System® focused on one goal: making our programs simpler and more user-friendly. What do you need to know about our new system and how it differs from the old? Read on to see all the awesome features that… Read more »

Two Reasons to Buy a Somero Now

The end of 2016 is fast approaching. Which is why now is the time to buy a Somero Laser Screed machine. Here’s are two reasons you shouldn’t wait until next year: SECTION 179 Section 179 of the IRS tax code allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment and/or software purchased or financed during… Read more »

Understanding F-Numbers

When it comes to concrete slab construction, F-Numbers are the metric for quality. They consist of the concrete floor flatness (FF) and floor levelness (FL). To pour concrete properly, you have to have a good understanding of what these numbers mean because they can improve the quality of your jobs. This is why the American Concrete Institute requires F-number measurements… Read more »

Three Tips for Effective Crew Management

On any job, there are a number of things that can impact your profitability. Completing work on time and within budget is just the start, as failures quickly add labor costs. The most profitable jobs also have reliable equipment that doesn’t break down. After all, broken-down machinery brings the job to a screeching halt. You also need the proper permits and… Read more »

3 Tips to Avoid Construction Job Site Theft

One of the banes of construction job sites includes theft. Unfortunately, as a result of lenient penalties, opportunity, and low detection rates, it happens to most contractors at one time or another. According to the National Equipment Registry’s 2014 Theft Report, the average stolen piece of equipment costs $46,273!  In 2014 over $6 million dollars’ worth… Read more »

The Best Leveling Instruments in the Concrete Industry

software packages category image

As the concrete industry has improved with technology, the best leveling instruments have become laser screed machines. More traditional screeding techniques, such as using a straight edge, can’t offer the same accuracy that laser screed machines produce. Part of this is because technology is more accurate than the human hand. Tools like the Somero Floor Levelness System® can… Read more »

Somero Wins International Business of the Year Award from AIM

We are happy to announce that we’ve received an award from AIM Awards in the UK as the International Company of the Year for 2016. This award is certainly a tribute to our hard-working and dedicated employees and customers who make everything possible! Thank you to AIM for this honor!

Got a Somero<sup>®</sup>. Got it Done.

Get your camera’s ready! We challenge you to a quest of documenting your hard work with Somero Laser Screed® equipment on jobsites. It can be a photo, a team shot, a short video clip, or a panorama. Get creative, have fun, then post it to any of our social media pages (don’t forget to follow,… Read more »