Parts Support Programs & Promotions

We are excited to connect with you on how our Parts Department can consult with you on just the right mix of parts stock and support programs you need to ensure that you machine or fleet is supported when the mud is about to hit the ground.  Our Parts Department is here to help deliver innovative, industry-leading EOM Equipment and Customer Support, while saving you more on genuine Somero® parts.

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Here are some other useful links to Service Agreements and Repair Options from the Parts Department:

Somero Service Agreement:

  • On-site Machine Evaluation/Repairs
    1. When’s the last time you did a thorough assessment of your machine? Get an on-site evaluation to see what kind of shape your machine is in with an opportunity for on-site repairs.
    2. WITH THE SERVICE AGREEMENT: 2-days free on-site along with 50% travel expenses.
    3. Learn more about the Service Agreement HERE.
  • Factory Machine Evaluation/Repairs:
    1. Low wait times mean now’s the perfect time to make sure your machine is operating up to par! With opportunities for repairs.
    2. WITH THE SERVICE AGREEMENT: 15% parts discount (exclusions apply).
    3. Learn more about the service agreement HERE.
Online Parts Book Viewer/Quote Tool (Online Manuals):
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