STS-11M Topping Spreader, Mechanical

Disperse a wide variety of shake-on toppings with the STS-11M Topping Spreader. It’s uniquely versatile design features a low dust loading technology with Inlet Hopper brushes, storage for up to twenty 50-lb. / 22.7 kg bags, and a compact machine size for easier transporting. The STS-11M Topping Spreader provides spreading accuracy that allows you to distribute shake-on toppings from fine materials to trap rock.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior spreading accuracy
  • Easy-Loading
  • Improved operator visibility
  • Easy to maintain and service
  • 2-Wheel, 4-Wheel, Crab Steer

Base Specifications


9,000 lbs | 4,082 kg


7’ 2” | 2.2 m


16’ 3” | 4.9 m (transport mode)


6′ 4″ | 1.9 m


35 HP | 26 kW Kubota Diesel




6’ | 1.8 m

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The STS-11m improved the productivity and quality of the concrete team reducing labor cost and workers fatigue. The optimized distribution of the hardener guaranteed an uniform and homogeneous layer. Besides the increase of productivity, the superior distribution of the aggregate increased our F numbers and reduced problems found with traditional methods. We are very pleased with Somero Enterprises® STS-11m Topping Spreader.”

Geremias Felipe Junior , Sócio Diretor

See the STS-11M Topping Spreader in action!

Take a closer look at the STS-11M Topping Spreader. This versatile machine will keep you on schedule, while displaying incredible spreading accuracy, all in a compact size.

STS-11M Features & Benefits

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