SRS-4 Laser Screed

The compact boom screed has been PERFECTED. Introducing the SRS-4 Laser Screed® Machine.

Why The Competition is No Match:

  1. Safer / Better Visibility – no lower frame and no-nonsense design gives 360° visibility
  2. More Maneuverable – steering with 2-wheel, 4-wheel, and crab steering
  3. Easier to Operate – head lowering with hydraulic cylinder, not wrenches
  4. Smoother Process – roller boom – wear pad boom
  5. Lighter Weight – at just 4,400 lbs / 1,996 kg it’s our lightest boom Laser Screed® machine ever

Features and Benefits

  • No lower frame and streamlined “no-nonsense” design creates 360° visibility keeping the operator
    safe and the machine lightweight, meaning Job site safety is increased
  • Remote-control operation – ScanReco Remote
  • Intelligent Steering adjusts steering angle to prevent stress and damage to components
  • Steering capabilities include 2 wheel, 4 wheel, and crab-style options
  • Utilizes the Somero® signature Soft Landing feature, making every pass efficient and on-grade
  • Conveniences include LED work lights, optional seat and pressure-washer

Base Specifications


4,400 lbs | 1,996 kg


6’ 1” | 1.85m


14’4″ | 4.35m (transport mode)


5’5″ | 1.64m


Kubota DH 902 T4f Diesel


Kubota DH 972 T4f Propane


10’ | 3.1m


18’ | 5.48m


Additional Options

Tool Box Storage
Pressure Washer
Laser Options
3-D Profiler
Operator Seat
Silver or Gold Parts kit (Bronze Kit Included)
Annual Service Agreements, Extended Warranties

What Our Customers Are Saying

"The SRS-4 is a machine that enables us to go into difficult floors or difficult markets where our large line machines can't really go. So, if we're working on insulation, or we're working on heating pipes, or working around columns, or under mezzanines, the SRS-4 gives us a lot of flexibility to work in different environments. It's a fantastic machine - I can only see more and more people buying these."

Kevin Louch , Managing Director
Stanford Industrial Concrete Flooring Ltd

Somero SRS-4 Laser Screed Machine

With operator conveniences unmatched in the industry, the SRS-4 Laser Screed® Machine was engineered for easy transport, productivity and convenience.

SRS-4 Features & Benefits

Learn more about the features and benefits of the SRS-4.