SRS-4 Laser Screed® Machine

The compact Boom Laser Screed® Machine has been PERFECTED. Introducing the SRS-4 Laser Screed® Machine.

Why The Competition is No Match:

  1. Safer / Better Visibility – no lower frame and no-nonsense design gives 360° visibility
  2. More Maneuverable – steering with 2-wheel, 4-wheel, and crab steering
  3. Easier to Operate – head lowering with hydraulic cylinder, not wrenches
  4. Smoother Process – roller boom – not wear pad boom
  5. Lighter Weight – at just 4,440 lbs. it’s our lightest boom Laser Screed® machine ever

Features and Benefits

  • No lower frame and streamlined “no-nonsense” design creates 360° visibility keeping the operator
    safe and the machine lightweight, meaning Job site safety is increased
  • Remote-control operation – ScanReco Remote
  • Intelligent Steering adjusts steering angle to prevent stress and damage to components
  • Steering capabilities include 2 wheel, 4 wheel, and crab-style options
  • Utilizes the Somero® signature Soft Landing feature, making every pass efficient and on-grade
  • Conveniences include LED work lights, optional seat and pressure-washer

Base Specifications


4,400 lbs | 1,996 kg


6’ 1” | 1.85m


14’4″ | 4.35m (transport mode)


5’5″ | 1.64m


Kubota DH 902 T4f Diesel


Kubota DH 972 T4f Propane


10’ | 3.1m


18’ | 5.48m


Additional Options

Tool Box Storage
Pressure Washer
Laser Options
3-D Profiler
Operator Seat
Silver or Gold Parts kit (Bronze Kit Included)
Annual Service Agreements, Extended Warranties

What Our Customers Are Saying

Somero SRS-4 Laser Screed Machine

With operator conveniences unmatched in the industry, the SRS-4 Laser Screed® Machine was engineered for easy transport, productivity and convenience.