Line Dragon

In January of 2019, Somero® acquired Line Dragon® and the synergies from this acquisition delivered the industry’s most advanced Placer and Puller machine.  Introducing the next generation – the Somero® Line Dragon® Line-Pulling and Line-Placing System.

Besides being the most nimble concrete placing machine on the market, this concrete hose pulling machine is sure to enhance productivity, create labor savings, and reduce the risk of injury associated with moving concrete pump hoses by hand.

New Features & Benefits

  • Improved Antenna Guard
  • Toolbox, for remote storage
  • Quick access to the hydraulic manifold
  • Horn feature helps to eliminate hose pinching
  • Protective cover for the hydraulic tank and gauges
  • Improved clamp and seal to reduce wear on the elbow connector.

Parts and Accessories

  • NEW Composite 4″ Plastic Egg – Learn More
  • Have a Somero SP-16 and want to upgrade to make the most of the new features & benefits? Learn More

Features and Benefits

  • Remote-control operation utilizes simple AA batteries
  • Intelligent Steering adjusts steering angle to prevent stress and damage to components
  • Steering capabilities include two-wheel, four-wheel, and crab-style options
  • Load-sensing variable-displacement hydraulics provide optimal power
  • Return-to-center steering automatically realigns wheels
  • Conveniences include LED work lights, tie-down points for transport, and various clamping locations
  • Jobsite safety is increased


  • Toolbox, for remote storage
  • Quick access to the hydraulic manifold
  • Horn featured helps to eliminate hose pinching

Base Specifications


Puller: 1,150 lbs / 521.6 kg | Placer: 1,325 lbs / 601 kg


51.5″ / 1.3 m


Puller: 73″ / 1.8 m | Placer: 75″ / 1.9 m


Puller: 41.5″ / 1.1 m | Placer: 44.5″ / 1.1 m


7″–7.25″ | 0.178-0.184 m


180 deg.


11.7-hp / 8.7-kW Honda GX390


Carlisle 18×8.5


8.5″ | 10.22 m

What Our Customers Are Saying

What's unique about the machine is how easy it was to learn. Right away it eliminates back injuries. I took two extra guys off the pour and we were done 30% faster.

Mike Kies , Concrete superintendent
CG Schmidt , Milwaukee, WI

SLD Puller and Placer Features & Benefits

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