Three New Revolutionary Laser Screed Machines

In the Somero tradition of being the first and the best, we’re proud to introduce three new laser screed machines to revolutionize your business:

S-28EZ Advanced Laser Screed

Equipped with 360° machine rotation, a 25’/7.62m telescopic boom and your choice of pivoting screed heads, the S-28EZ continues the tradition of delivering the industry’s highest quality and production rates with unsurpassed maneuverability.


S-P50 Laser Screed

Somero’s latest innovation tackles the demands of tilt-up panel casting and applies the FASTER. FLATTER. FEWER™ benefits that come with our patented Laser Screed® Technologies.


Broom + Cure

Somero is proud to introduce our latest innovation: the Broom + Cure Machine. It takes the problem of manual-application in the broom and cure process and solves it with a machine-application. Consistent Broom Coverage. ACI Compliant Curing. Every Time.