Want to Win a Golden Trowel® Award?
Get a Somero® Laser Screed® Machine

Adam Abernathy, Estimator/Project Manager at Vee-Jay Cement Contracting Co., Inc. and Tony Siebe, Somero, Inc.

Once again, all 2019 Golden Trowel Award Winners who used any Laser Screed® Machines on their projects used Somero® Laser Screeds.  Here are the 2019 winners and the impressive results they delivered for their clients’ projects.

S&C Concrete Services

S&C Concrete Services, an Australian company from Perth, produced a fiber-concrete Laser Screed® Machine floor with 77-ft wide bays, on a project called Fisher & Pykle.   This floor was 9664 m2; the castings were wide, about 23.5m wide, and the floor measured FF 165.5 / FL 116.9, with a sum (FF+FL) = 282.4.  This broke the previous world record (for the sum of FF + FL) by 80 points. There are many great concrete floor companies using laser screeds nowadays, so this category is perhaps the hardest one to win. To win this hotly-contested category by 80 points better than the previous world record is nothing short of fantastic.  This FF Number is the highest ever achieved on any Laser Screed floor of any size.  Although this floor is considered to be in the “Large” category, no Laser Screed® Machine floor, large, small, or very large, has ever had a higher FF Number.  Their FL Numbers are also amazingly high, and are the best we have ever had on a floor larger than 7700 m2.    We consider both the FF and FL Numbers and the sum of FF + FL, to be World Records.  They used a Somero® SXP Laser Screed® Machine.  This is their first Golden Trowel Award.

Vee-Jay Cement Contracting Company

Vee-Jay Cement Contracting Company from St. Louis, Missouri, did three separate ice rinks at the Centene Community Ice Center. The most impressive thing was the sum of all three rinks together, about 64,000 sf, measuring a combined FF 82.8 / FL 68.4, with a sum (FF+FL) of 151.2.  This is the best we have this year, even for a single rink.  Before this year, there had been only one full-sized rink with better F-Numbers. Amazingly, Vee-Jay was able to maintain the high FF and FL Numbers for not just one rink, but all three. This is Vee-Jay’s 5th Golden Trowel award.  They used a Somero® S940 Laser Screed® Machine.

Alphapiso Tec. Em Pisos

Alphapiso Tec. Em Pisos from Sao Paulo Brazil, produced a super-large Laser Screed floor at GTIS CA-35 Bloco 200 that was more than 600,000 ft2 and 70 ft wide that measured FF 101 and FL 62.3, which is a superior result for a floor this large, especially one that incorporated dry shake. They used Somero® SXP-D Laser Screed® Machine, and the STS-11M Topping Spreader.  This is Alphapiso’s 9th Golden Trowel award.

Full Tilt Constructors

Full Tilt Constructors of Sanford, FL, seems to specialize in super-large and ultra-large 96-ft wide Laser Screed® Machine floors. They produced a floor that was 973,000 ft2 and measured FF 95.6 / FL 66.9 in Jacksonville. These are great numbers for any size floor, but this floor is just short of a million square feet. It is very hard to keep making superior quality floor for day after day; this is an example of how it can be done if you are among the best in the business. They used a Somero® S-22E Laser Screed® Machine.  This is Full-Tilt’s third Golden Trowel award.

Congratulations to the 2019 Golden Trowel Award Winners! We are proud of your successes and we strive to ensure our customers achieve your business and profitability goals now and in the future.