Somero® Offers Strong Solutions to the Labor Shortage




It’s no secret the construction industry is facing a labor shortage. Despite a project backlog of nearly nine months (as of June 2019), a survey of more than 2,500 construction firms indicates that at least 80% are having difficulty filling craftworker positions. And concrete work is considered one of the five toughest positions to fill.

This is particularly true in the fast-growing southern part of the US – but 39 states nationwide report more jobs available than people looking for them.

Contractors and firms are having to expend much more effort filling open positions, and choosing from a smaller pool of experienced, skilled workers. Furthermore, in order to attract viable candidates, companies will likely be forced to dramatically increase wages.

This labor shortage also has an effect on jobsite safety, with a noticeable bump in injuries and workers’ compensation claims.

Clearly, all this diverts valuable time and attention away from the projects themselves, and has a direct impact on turnaround and profitability.

While several long-term solutions are being considered and implemented, experts contend that automation and innovative machinery are the keys to handling the problem right now.



With cutting-edge equipment that reduces manpower and increases productivity, Somero’s wide range of products handle concrete slab placements in any type of project – including all floors in multi-story buildings.

We also provide best-in-class service and support…offering customers parts, accessories, software packages and the training necessary to keep everything running smoothly.

Just take a look at the advantage Somero can offer with equipment like the S-22EZ Advanced Laser Screed® machine. Utilizing 360° machine rotation, a 20’ (6m) telescopic boom and customized OASIS laser control system for simple operation, the S-22EZ can screed up to 240 square feet in a single pass – greatly reducing the time and effort required from a team of workers. Even clean-up time is reduced thanks to an EZ Clean Head with on-board pressure washer.

See how much profitability can increase with even a small improvement in labor efficiency:

Labor Efficiency Table

And Somero’s benefits aren’t just limited to the S-22EZ.

Ride-on Screeds like the S-940 Laser Screed® can handle up to 6,000 square feet per hour, with a single operator.

Stationary Screeds like the Sky Screed® 25 can accomplish with a team of 5 what would require a team of 14 via traditional methods, reducing costs by thousands of dollars.

But turnaround and manpower aren’t the only factors to keep in mind. The Somero Line Dragon® eliminates the back-breaking work associated with moving concrete pump hoses, improving safety and reducing the hidden costs of time-lost and compensation for injuries.



Whether you’re building a manufacturing assembly plant, retail center or massive warehouse, Somero equipment will allow you to place and screed the concrete faster, flatter, and with fewer people…helping you minimize the labor shortage’s impact on your business.

Call 1-239-210-6519 or get in touch with us today to learn how Somero can help you and your business.

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