5 Concrete Sales Tips for Concrete Contractors

Because we work in such a unique hands-on business, the techniques to selling your concrete product are nuanced to the industry. So if you’re looking to grow your concrete business, some of the following sales and marketing tips may help!

1. Sell Value

Many customers will appear to only look at the bottom line. “What’s this going to cost me?” is going to be one of the first questions that you hear as a concrete contractor. It’s your job to not only provide quality work and a nice finished product, but to also explain to your customer what they’re really getting for their money.

When materials and labor costs are high, you have to show your customers why the price is what it is — but keep in mind they’re not going to have sympathy for you as a business owner. Those are your problems, not theirs. So, you need to show the benefits of the products you use. Justify why the customer should pay a premium price and have legitimate reasons. Find out what they want, why they want it, and when they need it. Show how you can meet their needs.

2. Be Professional & Provide a Good Presentation

Without coming across as pushy, over-the-top salesy, or arrogant, you want to show off what your company can do. Take pride in the work you’ve done — have pictures at the ready that show finished jobs. Make sure you have older ones and recent ones to convey a pattern of success, which will in turn help you establish credibility with the customer. And when you have pictures, assemble them nicely in a presentation booklet that you update annually. Be open to answering questions, be friendly, and always stay professional.

3. Make Your Credentials Known

Within your presentation booklet, you also want to make clear what credentials you hold, including licensing and insurance, as they can help make your customer feel at ease. They will know that you have the training, skills, and know-how to complete the job that they need done.

4. Have References

Having good references is one of the best sales tips we can offer you. When you have someone who will recommend you, you are demonstrating to the customer that you are trustworthy, honest, and that you do a great job. Every contractor knows that just like in any industry, there are bad contractors out there. Customers are fearful of getting burned. References will help build up your reputation, which in turns builds trust with your customers. Customers buy from contractors they trust.

…And Get Referrals

One of the most important aspects of a completed sale is quite often forgotten. The contract is signed, and many contractors go on their way, complete the job, and move on looking for new business. The one thing they’re missing out on is the opportunity of new business before you even leave the first sales call. A referral carries its weight in gold because it provides you with a new lead that has built-in reputation. If someone is willing to refer you, and that referral genuinely has a need for your work, it’s the easiest way to gain a new customer. However, be weary of customers who might just give you a name. You never want to be pushy or end up bothering people who aren’t interested in your work.

5. Make a Concrete Sale

Overall, concrete sales, while a unique industry, shares many of the same skills as any other sales position. However, it’s all in how you apply those skills. And just as it is working with concrete, it’s all in how you lay it out.