A Message from the Executive Vice President of Sales

A pre-owned Laser Screed® or 3-D Profiler System® may come with a low price, but if equipped with obsolete control systems, the buyer could spend up to six figures to get it up-to-date on technology and to perform at a level that you deserve and need. Based on its overall condition or year of the product, you may not even be able to have the equipment updated.

Howard Hohmann, Executive Vice President of Sales states that Somero’s state-of-the-art control systems and technology will allow you:

· To be seen as a leader with the most advanced equipment on the market today.

· To exceed the quality specifications and yield on your projects.

· To improve your bottom line.

· To provide an overall piece of mind that the equipment is serviceable and parts are readily available.

Our Service Technicians and Support Staff are here 24/7 to answer any related questions you may have.

Today’s concrete flooring and parking lot market is rapidly approaching demands for extremely high tolerances. Somero® knows these demands well and can ensure our customers that we are constantly focused on the leading edge of engineering technology for all of our products. Whether your needs require a boom-out or drive thru concrete Laser Screed, or our 3-D Profiler System, we’ve got you covered. Remember, all of our refurbished Laser Screeds have state-of-the-art technology using the same system that is on all our new machines.

For 28 years, Somero has delivered sustainable floor placement solutions to meet global needs, providing innovative technology that sets us apart as the true leader. We are growing in areas of the world that are in the greatest need of our systems and meeting the ever-increasing demands for high-quality concrete floors in non-residential and industrial concrete construction markets across the globe.

All because:

We are Passionate about Your Success!