Announcing the Somero Floor Levelness System®

Somero is very excited to announce the all new Somero Floor Levelness System. This product is so innovative that it is actually the first of its kind. The Somero Floor Levelness System® monitors Laser Screed® performance, operator performance and reports alert percentages of issues. The features and benefits of this amazing technology are completely unmatched in the industry.

The Somero Floor Levelness System Offers:

  • A Great tool for new and experienced operators

    • New operators will be able to learn of the necessary techniques for stabilizer adjustment, head touchdowns, and boom speed. With the continuous feedback that is provided, the machine will be able to reinforce concepts and alert the operator if any issues are detected.
    • Experienced operators will also be able to tune their techniques and know when to adjust valve speeds to optimize the screeding performance for that day’s productivity.
  • An Early Alert and Warning System

    • Both new and experience Laser Screed® operators will benefit from the machine as they will be able to know for certain if screeding performance is decreasing.
    • There is an adjustable warning level for audible and visual alerts to notify the operator right away if performance is falling below expectations.
    • Operators will be able to the use the alert system to make any imperative adjustments to technique or to the screed itself. If redoing the pass is necessary to improve the floor quality, the Floor Levelness System will give notice.
    • The System is also capable of detecting any small changes which are typically not detectable by the operator, making the system fully equipped for detecting issues with minimal operator effort.
  • Maximized Laser Screed Performance

    • Real-time feedback shows exactly how well the Laser Screed is performing.
    • The Alert System will suggest methods for optimizing performance by providing percentages of things that are considered to be unsound, and how often the issues reoccur.
  • A Better Understanding of Floor Quality

    • Since the floor is measured after all aspects of the pour are complete, it is often difficult to understand floor quality in its entirety. Fortunately, the Floor Levelness System makes this easier by isolating any changes made between pours to better understand factors that impact floor quality. Its advantages allow for the scoring system to remain high when the screed is working well, and low if it is not.

For more information about the all new Somero Floor Levelness System, contact us today or call 239-210-6519. Somero® provides a variety of training options to help you become certified on machines, on-site training and more. Click here to learn more about Somero’s training courses now.