Concrete Roller Screed, Benefits

concrete roller screed machines

There are many types of screeds that contractors use to smooth out concrete before finishing. Screeds are essential for flatwork projects, and concrete contractors often have a number of screeds in their arsenal so that they have access to the right equipment for each job, but when do use one?

Roller screeds are available in a number of sizes and can be powered by an electric, hydraulic, or gas motor. This equipment spins in the opposite direction of where it is being pulled and this motion levels the concrete as the machine is pulled forward. They are ideal for use in sloped concrete applications such as driveways and sidewalks. Due to the lack of vibration, this equipment is also great for pervious concrete.

Concrete Roller Screed Benefits

There are many benefits to using the concrete roller screed instead of screeding manually. The Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund of North America(LHSFNA) notes that using a machine is easier on the work crew. According to LHSFNA, it allows for a more upright posture, requires no neck bending, eliminates pinch grips and wrist flexion, requires minimal lifting, and reduces hand-arm repetition. This not only helps keep your crew happier and healthier, but can lead to better productivity and efficiency.

Some additional benefits include:

  • Lightweight and portable – The screed is able to be lifted and transported easily without the need for a trailer or additional crew.
  • Easy cleanup and maintenance – This equipment can be cleaned off with a hose and maintenance is simple.
  • Simple to set up and use – These screeds are self-contained and easy to set up and use, making for a near perfect screed with very little effort.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Roller Screed

As with the purchase of any piece of concrete equipment, contractors should carefully review both the project details and options for machinery before purchasing. For Construction Pros suggests that contractors know what the job conditions are before investing in a roller screed. For instance, the jobsite needs to have enough space to include the supports that are required for underneath the machine. Also, since they do not vibrate, the contractor will have to achieve vibration manually if it is necessary for the project.

Options for Concrete Screeds

The type of concrete screed machine that you need will depend on the type of projects you take on. Somero, a trusted name for laser-guided and technologically innovative concrete machinery, gives contractors more control by offering a variety of options for concrete screeding machines. These machines enhance productivity and efficiency on the jobsite, ultimately saving your company money and increasing profitability.

Want to find the concrete screed that’s right for you? Contact us today to speak to a representative about our various options.