Benefits of Used Laser Screed Equipment

Somero’s factory certified remanufactured equipment is perfect for individuals looking to invest in new concrete equipment but find themselves unable to afford a brand new laser screed. With a broad selection of Somero’s remanufactured equipment available, it is important to know how concrete contractors can benefit from used laser screeds and other concrete equipment. If you are ready to start achieving the high quality floors that Somero is known for, here are some of the ways in which you can benefit from used laser screeds.

Affordable Price

Thanks to Somero’s new factory certified remanufactured equipment, concrete professionals can achieve great results without breaking the bank! Included in the remanufactured laser screed equipment comes labor saving technology, a one-year warranty, extensive training, C.E. certification, and financing options. Click here to see if you qualify today!


All remanufactured laser screed training is done in the field. Somero comes to your location and conducts shop and/or in-mud training to ensure your operator/crew is equipped with the knowledge to make your machine and concrete pour a success.

Superior Quality Equipment

All of Somero’s laser screeds and concrete equipment comes with labor saving technology that will give contractors peace-of-mind in knowing the equipment is guaranteed with a one-year warranty. Some examples of the factory certified remanufactured equipment Somero offers include the S-240, SXP, and S-160 models. Click here to view the entire selection of used laser screed equipment now.

Customer Service

Finally, if you purchase Somero equipment, you will also receive Somero’s magnificent customer service. Somero’s Global Technical Support is available 24/7 to assist with trouble shooting during your pour and/or general questions regarding your laser screed equipment. This service is in place so that you can continue to provide great quality results for all of your future projects.

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Whether you are looking to purchase new equipment or factory certified remanufactured equipment, Somero can help find the perfect fit for you and your concrete company. Simply call (803) 607-0717 click here.