The Best Leveling Instruments in the Concrete Industry

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As the concrete industry has improved with technology, the best leveling instruments have become laser screed machines. More traditional screeding techniques, such as using a straight edge, can’t offer the same accuracy that laser screed machines produce. Part of this is because technology is more accurate than the human hand.

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Tools like the Somero Floor Levelness System® can also provide you with information on your performance in real time so that you can improve your screeding immediately and get better F-numbers.

Floor Flatness

In concrete, floor flatness is imperative. If your floor isn’t flat, it can lead to problems for other contractors. This means your client won’t be happy, which could destroy your hard-earned business. When using a laser-leveling instrument, you can be confident that you’re producing a level floor every time.  You will also be far ahead of others in the industry who still manually screed without lasers.

Easy to Use

The best part about laser screeds is that they are easy to use! A quick tutorial over clamp-on-lasers or attending a Somero training opportunity will ensure you are ready to get to work in no time!


In addition, using a laser screed can not only make the job easier, it can increase your profit. With fewer errors and less effort, using a laser screed is far more efficient than leveling the old-fashioned way. You will cut your production time down, as laser screeds often produce more concrete per pass.

Choose Laser Screeds — Choose Somero

So if you’re in the market for a laser screed, which is truly the best concrete leveling instrument currently available in the industry, we recommend you check out our line of laser screeds. We currently offer a variety of new and different laser products for all your concrete leveling instrument needs.

If you’re working with a smaller budget, we offer Factory Certified Remanufactured laser screeds. Contact us today if you’re interested in purchasing a laser concrete leveling instrument for your company!

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