Chaney Enterprises Promotes Somero’s S-840

Chaney Enterprises puts Somero Enterprises® S-840 to the test in constructing Founders Building Parking Lot in Gambrills, MD.

In a recent article, Chaney Enterprises tells how the S-840 was used, “The placement was done with a Somero S-840 ride-on laser screed. This dramatically decreased construction time. The finishing was quick and simple. After screeding, all that was involved was an initial bull float, a mediumbroom finish, a cure and seal application and then the joints where saw cut. Not only does it save money, but less finishing of the concrete, including the elimination of troweling,actually improves the quality and durability of the concrete. The 15,000 square foot parking lot was finished in well under a day, displaying just how quick concrete construction can be when good design andplacement techniques are used.”

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