China Continues to Move Forward

With continued support and trust in Somero Enterprises, Inc.®, we are continuing to see tremendous growth in business in China. It is because of this support, Somero China is continuing to move forward and that allows us to focus all our efforts to drive forward the China flooring industry.

It has been 2 years since Somero China was incorporated in Qingpu District, Shanghai, China. Somero China has grown from a US representative office into a US-invested Chinese company, with its own facility of around 800m2 total area. As business has been further developed in China, Somero China has decided to move into a brand new building, which has a total area of approximately 3,000m2. The new building will be used as a Somero China office, machine/parts warehouse and the first of its kind, Concrete College. The Concrete College will give our customer base the proper training in pouring concrete slabs using actual concrete.

This move into a larger facility will benefit our customers in China with:

  • Sufficient machine/parts inventory
  • Prompt order shipping
  • Huge indoor training facility
  • Easy traffic accessibility.

Somero Enterprises, Inc. is very proud of the developments and strides we are continuing to make in China and look forward to continuing to make you the most successful concrete contractor, why?, because We Are Passionate About Your Success!