Choosing the Best Concrete Screed for Your Needs

Construction workers who pour concrete are familiar with using a screed. If you are a business owner, you should be doing some research on what screeds you are going to invest in. There are many types of concrete screeds available to buy and it is crucial to pick a screed that fits the needs of your project. Some factors that may be affected include project size, how flat the concrete surface should be, and the type of concrete mixture that is used.

Types of Concrete Screeds

There are four distinct variations of screeds; wooden, roller, mechanical, and laser. We will go through these one by one so you have a better understanding of the differences between them and so you will know which type of screed is best for you.

Wooden screeds, are the simplest and cheapest screed in the market. Usually coming in a 2X4 size, it is manually applied onto the concrete service. This type of screed is best for the do-it-yourself projects around the house. This is because the results may not be as accurate as the others.

Roller screeds, are most commonly used on roads and highways and when dealing with “low slump” concrete. These screeds vary in that they can be made as handheld or motor-driven. Roller screeds may also be used in ramps. Steep slopes and uneven base surfaces.

Second to last, mechanical screeds are unique in that they have motor-driven vibrations that allow the screed to move forward and backwards. Whoever is handling the mechanical screed only needs to control the motor. This type is usually used for smaller projects, such as sidewalks and/or driveways.

Finally, we have reached the Laser Screed. This is the best quality and most technologically advanced screed available today. It is the most expensive type of screed, but for good reason. Laser screeds are characterized by having a motor-operated vibrator, and auger, and a plow. The person using the machine can control the Laser Screed® through a “joystick” to steer and rotate the screed. This is also considered the best type due to the fact that its results are a near-perfect level concrete service after one pass.

Knowing this, hopefully you will have a clearer idea of what kind of screed will work for you and your project. Again, some factors that will affect your decision include price, budget, project, and project size. It is important as a construction company or project owner, to find a balance between and output quality and overall expense.

Buy Laser Screed Models from the Leaders in Leveling at Somero

Now that you know the different types of screeds available, you’re now able to make a decision about which type of concrete screed is right for you. If you’re looking for a Laser Screed® model, look no further than Somero Enterprises®.

The Somero Laser Screed concrete screeding machine was developed in the mid-1980s and has changed the landscape for concrete contractors. Using patented technology, Somero’s extensive line of Laser Screed models is able to provide a highly accurate, mechanical method of screeding concrete for slab-on-grade floors.

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