Concrete Leveling Equipment – Mini Screed™C

2015 Concrete Construction Market

According to an analysis by AGC of America, construction employers added 48,000 jobs in December and 290,000 for the year. Association officials stated that many firms are expanding payrolls to keep the pace with growing construction demand, but are having a difficult time finding qualified applicants to fill current job positions. It’s clear that construction firms are ramping up their hiring to keep up with the increasing demand for construction. This data confirms that the construction market is recovering and a recovering market will drive industry growth – especially for concrete construction contractors.

The concrete industry is competitive and demanding. Projects that once took a few days to complete now need to be completed four times faster. In order to achieve advanced performance on job sites, new innovative concrete machineryhad to be fabricated to meet the demand. The task at hand in today’s market for the majority of concrete contractors is to build better concrete floors at a faster rate than they currently yield. Leveling concrete doesn’t have to be a difficult job as it once was for those concrete contractors working in the trade.Concrete leveling equipment will help substantially in solving the toughestconcrete job. Whether you’re resurfacing a pre-existing concrete floor or starting from scratch, you want a face-paced, problem free project. Innovative concrete equipment has made advanced job site productivity possible.

Concrete Leveling Equipment that Meets Construction Demand

Concrete leveling equipment can be purchased at Somero . We sell quality new and used concrete leveling equipment that will increase job site productivity substantially. The Somero mini laser screed is one of the many different products available at Somero Enterprises. The mini laser screed is a walk behind laser screed that ensures superior productivity and flatness. Small commercial and residential projects can now have the high quality, professionally produced floors you’d expect on a larger-scale project.

Mini Screed C Features and Benefits:

  • The Mini Screed C features laser-controlled accuracy
  • Screeds to higher tolerances than conventional methods
  • Works well with carious slump and mix designs
  • Better concrete consolidation than hand-held vibratory screeds or roller screeds
  • Lightweight & easy maneuverability
  • Easy set-up, breakdown and transports easily in the back of a pickup
  • Single and dual slope capabilities
  • Saves time any money, which you can add straight to your bottom line

Purchase Your Innovative Concrete Leveling Equipment Today

Somero Enterprises product line makes the concrete contractor more efficient, more productive, and more profitable in the long run. When you buy concrete equipment from Somero, we stand behind our equipment 100% and will give you our expert help 24/7.

If you have any questions regarding the Somero Mini Screed C, or the best concrete leveling equipment for a specific job, contact Somero today.