Concrete Parking Lots & Laser Screeds

The world of construction has evolved over the years, with the use of different materials in places that most would earlier have never imagined. The concrete market is a billion dollar industry and with the use of effective equipment, you can very well be able to tap into those resources and earn a profit for yourself.

Benefits of Laser Screeds for Concrete Parking Lots

Probably one of the single most important benefits to keep in mind when using laser screeds or concrete leveling equipment for parking lots is that it allows forperfectly leveled concrete floors. As a contractor, your clients will want smooth, bump-free concrete parking lots and with laser screeds, you have the ability to make that happen.

Another benefit of using concrete leveling equipment for concrete parking lots is that you will have the ability to make your team more efficient and reduce labor costs overall. Using laser screeds, teams are able to correctly lay concrete floors without the oversights you might see from manual labor.

Types of Concrete Parking Lot Equipment

The market for concrete parking lot equipment (much like the industry where they are used) has grown with increasingly new and ground breaking equipment being introduced that are able to boast higher technical ability. In this blog, we list down two of the most important and essential parking lot equipment in the market.

Somero 3-D Profiler System

The 3-D Profiler System is one of the newest and most accomplished pieces ofconcrete parking lot equipment that easily boasts the technology and ease-of-use available. The use of the Somero 3-D Profiler System makes sure that the user of the equipment is able to experience and see accurate, automatic, contoured sides paving and allows for better finish and overall product quality. One of the most important things that make the 3-D Profiler System stand head and shoulders above the competition is its use of the laser screed technology in functioning.

The S485 Laser Screed Model

The Somero S485 Laser Screed is another one of the leading pieces of equipment in the market that has been among of the favorites of concrete constructers. While there are several features and dimensions to the working and performance of the S485 Laser Screed Model, the most important one is its compatibility on all kinds of surfaces and its subsequent ease of use. The ease of use of the S485 along with its Oasis Control System, accurate and fast grade setting, and incredible pulling power are the features that allow the S485 to stand out.

Where to Find the Best Concrete Leveling Equipment

When it comes to concrete leveling, it’s important to seek out the best equipment available on the market for you and your concrete construction team to stand out. Through using concrete leveling equipment, you’ll be able to save time, increase accuracy, and improve overall client satisfaction for any concrete leveling work.

Somero is the world’s leading provider of concrete leveling equipment. We’ve been in the concrete industry since 1986 and have developed numerous laser screed models to help our clients be successful in their concrete leveling endeavors. With the utmost attention to customer service, product training, and 24/7 support for our clients, Somero is the perfect choice for your concrete leveling equipment needs.

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