Concrete Power Tools

Concrete Power Tool Buying Guide

Power tools for concrete construction improve overall construction systems. Allcommercial concrete and masonry contractors should invest in well-engineered power tools. There are concrete power tools for almost every concrete job description – it’s important to always match the power tool to the job. A power tool acts as a vehicle to perform a particular task. Concrete power tools increase productivity, quality, and reliability, making way for a creative, faster, and safer construction process.

Productivity: Concrete power tools increase productivity for specific concrete tasks as well as entire concrete projects. Every concrete contractor knows that an increase in productivity is key to success. An increase in productivity will allow all projects to be completed quickly and on time.

Quality: The important thing when looking for concrete power tools is not to sacrifice quality. A quality power tool will get the job done right and can define a job well done.

Reliability: You can always rely on quality concrete power tools to perform – as long as there is no past history of reliability issues. Make sure to ask if the concrete power tool has a service lifetime warranty before purchasing. A product line that offers 24/7 product support is also something to consider when looking for a concrete power tool.

We came across an article from the Concrete Network that we thought our clients would find valuable: Tips For Matching The Power Tool To The Job. They clarify that you’ll get the most bang for your buck if you match the power tool to the type of work you do. Product experts say you should consider the following factors before making your concrete power tool selection:

  • What is the hardness of the concrete you will be working with? This helps with deciding the exact power requirements you’ll need.
  • What tasks do you perform most often? Both chipping and drilling, or just chipping? A dedicated demolition hammer packs more punch if you’re primarily doing the latter. If you want a tool that can do both tasks, go with a combination hammer.
  • For drilling or coring functions, determine how large a hole you typically drill. Then look at the tool’s maximum capacities and optimal ranges.
  • What accessories are available? Can they be switched easily? You’ll get the most versatility from a tool that has a broad range of easily interchangeable accessories.
  • How much freedom of movement do you need on the jobsite? Go with a cordless tool if you’re always on the move or plan to work from elevated platforms.

Where to Buy the Best Concrete Power Tools

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