3 Tips to Avoid Construction Job Site Theft

rba7257_574x299One of the banes of construction job sites includes theft. Unfortunately, as a result of lenient penalties, opportunity, and low detection rates, it happens to most contractors at one time or another. According to the National Equipment Registry’s 2014 Theft Report, the average stolen piece of equipment costs $46,273!  In 2014 over $6 million dollars’ worth of equipment alone was recovered by law enforcement. Job site theft can really hit a construction company hard, especially if the equipment isn’t properly insured or documented.  Proving initial ownership is a struggle many face if they companies don’t have their records in order and their equipment properly documented with photos and receipts.

Don’t worry! Theft can be deterred! Here are 3 things you can do to better secure your site and prevent this from happening.


If you have expensive equipment, it may be worth investing in a guard or surveillance cameras to watch over the job site. However, if your company is not able to provide 24-hour security, post a sign that states you have 24-hour surveillance – as this can be a deterrent to would-be thieves.


Secure your job site! Fence it in and create only one entrance/exit. When your site is secure, you decrease the likelihood that a thief would attempt to break in and steal equipment. Although this is not foolproof, it will cut down on the possibility of theft happening. If you don’t have a physical barrier, take advantage of technology and install geofencing, which uses satellite GPS to monitor what’s happening on your site. If you want to get really tech-savvy, you could also use drones! Don’t forget the obvious security measures, such as keeping equipment locked and the keys with trusted employees.

Deter Thieves

Make sure your job site is well lit. This way thieves can be easily spotted in the act. You can also offer rewards for information regarding theft of property. The harder that you make it for a thief, the more likely they are to choose one that doesn’t appear to be as secure. The key word is appear — another site may have the same level of security that yours does, but without the deterrents.

Stay Safe & Secure!

Overall, construction jobsite theft significantly impacts the industry as a whole. Don’t let it ruin your business — take the right security precautions to ensure the safety of your equipment and jobsite.

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