Doing More with Less Using the Right Concrete Leveling Equipment

We all try to do more with less in many parts of our lives. Doing more with less by using the right concrete leveling equipment can save your concrete construction company major dollars!

As Rob Marringa of Case Construction Equipment explains, “The current challenging economic environment makes investment in capital equipment expenditures increasingly difficult, so naturally, equipment owners try to stretch every dollar and lengthen equipment life and functionality. It’s called “stretching” — a slang term for “doing more with less.”

Today, we are able to minimize operators and machines because there isconcrete leveling equipment that can accomplish a task with the use of one machine. Some of the multi-functional Laser Screed® models for concrete leveling needs from Somero include:

The S-15R Laser Screed can rotate 360 degrees, has a new flip-down plow extension, all-wheel hydraulic drive and steering, and a 20-foot boom reach. This machine controls the elevation and the self-leveling screed head to maintain grade resulting in improved floor levelness, even with low slump concrete. The S-15R also features a fully integrated OASIS laser control system which allows the screed head to hold grade while it levels and consolidates concrete in a single pass.

The hardened, double flight auget cuts the concrete to grade and displaces excess concrete to the side while the offset head design minimizes overlap giving you more screeded concrete in one pass. This machine is the perfect example of “Doing More with Less” because it has integrated features that used to have to be done in multiple steps, into an all-in-one Laser Screed®.

In addition, the S-10A Laser Screed has also been engineered for productivity and convenience. The Somero® Quick GradeSet System offers operator conveniences that are unmatched in the industry, allowing for the operator to easily and accurately set grade in minutes, without ever having to leave the operator area. The S-10A is fully automated and allows customers to screed 200 square feet per pass, and is light enough to be transported on a flatbed truck. Designed with efficiency in mind, this Laser Screed removes steps and processes that come along with traditional Laser Screed models so that you can do more with one machine.

“Stretching” our money is becoming more and more popular. People want more for their money and Somero understands this, which is why we’ve engineered state-of-the-art Laser Screed models to be more efficient for everyone. Concrete contractors can now complete several tasks all at once which means that projects can get done quicker, concrete leveling is more accurate, and customers are happy!

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