Engineered for You: See the Somero S-10A Laser Screed Model in Action

As many of our clients know already, Somero is in the process of building its brand new Global Headquarters in Fort Myers, Florida. However, did you know that Somero is using the S-10A Laser Screed on the new headquarters and training facility?

Be sure to check out the awesome video below to see the Somero S-10A Laser Screed in action at the location of Somero’s new global headquarters for yourself!

Video Caption: Introducing the ALL NEW S-10A, engineered for productivity and convenience. See it in action in at the Somero’s all New Global Headquarters in Fort Myers, Florida in the video above.

The Somero S-10A Laser Screed Features

Somero’s latest innovation has proven to be another great machine that concrete and construction masonry professionals have come to know and love! The all new Somero S-10A Laser Screed machine is truly engineered for you.

The S-10A Laser Screed Model has a patented, fully automated, self-leveling 10 foot (3 meter) screed head with 20 foot (6 meter) telescopic boom reach. It is equipped with 2-wheel steer, 3 stabilizers, OASIS Laser Control System and of course, the one-of-a-kind Somero Quick GradeSet System.

Engineered for you, the all new S-10A Laser Screed is compact in size at just 7,500 pounds and is highly productive. Because of this, the S-10A can be transported easily on a flatbed truck or behind a big trailer.

About Somero Enterprises

Somero is the leading manufacturer of all laser-guided and technologically ingenious machinery used in horizontal concrete placement to advance the productivity, concrete flatness and overall competence of the jobsite. Somero advocates customer training, technical support, and continuous advancement for all of its products.

Somero also offers several training options to help you become familiar and comfortable with your new equipment. Choose from on-site training, custom course, online materials and more. Click here for more information.

Somero’s vision defines innovative, cutting edge technology and processes to be carried out successfully wherever a red-mix trick is discharging concrete for a concrete slab, just like the all new S-10A laser screed does. Somero’s technology and equipment will empower every installation to be completed faster, flatter, and with less people. Somero promises to continue passing on its own knowledge and expertise to all of its global customers.

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