Five Reasons You Need a Self-Leveling Head System (SLS)

In a world with options, Somero® is proudly offers a Self-Leveling Head System (SLS). What is it and why should you care? Here’s five reasons a SLS should be included on your next Laser Screed® machine purchase:

  1. The SLS automatically maintains the proper height relationship among the vibrator, auger, and plow blade. It does this by adjusting the angle of the screed head as the boom retracts during screeding operations. Use of the self-leveling system provides a smooth consistent finish throughout the length of the boom stroke.
  2. It keeps the head in contact with the concrete consistently at the proper angle, no matter the levelness of the machine.
  3. The SLS gives you the ability to deal with stiffer concrete just by manipulating the settings for the program. No head dimension changes are needed.
  4. Do you 3-D? If so, when doing a 3-D pour the screed head automatically adjusts to changes in the grade pitch or contour of the 3-D layout. This allows you to screed over a grade change without moving the placement of the machine.
  5. Finally, the SLS allows you to do single or dual pitch floors by screeding uphill or downhill. You don’t have to just screed across the pitch.

This innovation was developed and patented by Somero and is only exclusively available from us. Just one more reason a Somero has no equal.

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