Four Reasons to Buy Remanufactured Machines from Somero®

When you make an investment in the future of your business, the quality of the support received and the equipment you buy makes all the difference to your bottom line. Quite often, customers find it cost-effective to purchase a remanufactured screed as opposed to a brand-new model.  To help customers in this situation, Somero offers ‘Remanufactured’ machines at an affordable price.

Customers considering this purchase option should consider the following four reasons for buying remanufactured from Somero before purchasing a ‘used’ Laser Screed® machine elsewhere:

1 – Equipment Overhauled by a Certified Somero® Technician

Every used machine that comes in our doors leaves as a new one. The older equipment gets torn down and completely remanufactured by our team of certified Somero Technicians. You will receive Somero’s labor-saving technology at an affordable price and have the peace of mind knowing that it has been completely overhauled and is ‘like new’ when shipped out our doors.

2 – Support and Latest Technology

A lot of our older equipment being sold by other vendors has outdated and obsolete operating systems. This means we can’t support you should the worst happen and your machine malfunctions or requires certain parts. All large-line remanufactured equipment sold from Somero (including the S-240, SXP®, and S-160 models) will be completely upgraded to Somero’s technologically advanced OASIS Laser Control System.

3- Somero Remanufactured Machine Warranty

All Factory Certified Remanufactured Equipment comes with a one-year warranty and C.E. certification. Machines sold in the grey market are purchased at your own risk.

4 – Peace of Mind

With factory-certified, labor-saving technology at an even better price, you can rest easy knowing that your investment is like new, protected by the best warranty in the industry, and supported by your partners at Somero.

To begin achieving-higher quality floors that Somero is known for, you can view our current inventory of remanufactured equipment on our website or contact Somero Inside Sales at +1-239-210-6519. 

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