Got a Somero®. Got it Done.

Get your camera’s ready! We challenge you to a quest of documenting your hard work with Somero Laser Screed® equipment on jobsites.

It can be a photo, a team shot, a short video clip, or a panorama. Get creative, have fun, then post it to any of our social media pages (don’t forget to follow, like, or subscribe to our page while you are there!)

After you post your photo or video, we will reach out to you to gather your contact information and send you a Somero® Tervis Tumbler as a token of our appreciation.

Want the Details? Here’s the Rules:

  • Pictures posted on either Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter must use the hashtag #GotaSomero #GotitDone and should be posted directly to our page or attention on whichever social media platform you choose.
  • After the picture/video is posted, we accept all rights to the use of it.
  • Get creative. We don’t care about the quality – we just want to see our product doing what it does best.
  • Participation includes anyone, meaning Somero employees, customers, family, and any/all social media followers.
  • You can submit as many pictures as you want.
  • This promotion will run from now through December 31, 2016.
  • Want to be the very best? We will give a grand prize to the most creative submission and for the most images/videos posted of our products in the field.