How Can Purchasing a Laser Screed® from Somero® Help Your Construction Project?

Simply put, Laser Screed® models were created to help contractors smooth out concrete floors with ease and with utmost efficiency. Increased demands for flat and level industrial floors allowed Laser Screed models to take off and today, they provide construction teams with the tools for perfectly leveled concrete floors.

The 2015 construction season is well underway and the industry is growing at a speed we haven’t seen in quite some time. With the amount of projects commissioned by contractors and their teams, it’s more important than ever to stay efficient. Here, we’ll outline some of the benefits of using a Laser Screed for your next concrete project.

Laser Screeds Save Time on Projects

Laser Screed models have long been known for their swift work. Laser Screed models have four-wheel steering, four-wheel, and are driven by a worker who is seated at a point of maximum visibility. It makes use of a 360-degree rotating platform that allows the machine to accurate place and level concrete. This is all done in such a short timeframe that your workers are able to focus on other parts of the job – without sacrificing quality, leveled concrete floors.

Laser Screeds Improve Labor Conditions

Ask any concrete contractor and you’ll learn very quickly that employee turnover is rather high compared to other industries. With employee turnover comes a number of other headaches: training, re-hiring, etc. With a Laser Screed model in place on your team, you’re able to purchase a machine that will be one of your best employees.

Laser Screeds Level Concrete Floors According to Specifications

We build our Laser Screed models to help our customers’ successes. Our machines are equipped with the latest technology and will ensure that your concrete floors are leveled according to the proper specifications. You’ll never have to worry about improper concrete leveling because our machines are built to level concrete floors perfectly, while saving you time and money in the long run.

Leaders in Concrete Leveling

Somero Enterprises® is the world’s leading manufacturer of top Laser Screed models and machines. We’ve designed our machines to help our clients address the issues they see in everyday projects and over time, we’ve helped our clients achieve great successes.

At Somero, we don’t just sell concrete leveling equipment. We become partners with our customers and ensure their machines are fulfilling their needs. We provide 24/7 support after Laser Screed purchase as well as on-site training, a forum for questions/answers, and so much more. When you purchase a Laser Screed model from Somero, you’re purchasing a partner for your business.

We offer a variety of Laser Screed financing options as well as used Laser Screeds for sale. To learn more about our machines, contact us today.