How Laser Screeds Boost Productivity

There have been numerous advancements in the concrete industry since its inception. Today, concrete professionals are able to utilize technology that increases productivity and quality across the board. Laser screeds, for example, boost productivity by reducing time spent on individual projects, as well as getting the job done correctly on the first attempt. In case you were wondering exactly how laser screed machines boost productivity, here’s how.

Laser Screeds Will Improve Your Bottom Line

For the past 30 years, Somero has dedicated its research and experience to enhancing and improving laser screed specifications across the board. Laser screed machines, such as the S22-E, have become industry leaders because of its overall versatility and efficiency in the work field. Because of this, our laser screed machines make concrete contractors more productive and ultimately more profitable by spending less time and money per project.

Laser Screeds Generate More Concrete Per Pass

As mentioned above, the S22-E Laser Screed offers versatility, meaning that that its features can be altered. The S22E can alternate from a 12-foot screed head, to a 14-foot screed head for greater or lesser area boom reach per pass. This is helpful for contractors who work on a variety of different projects, and who would appreciate the option to switch. Another quality that laser screeds offer are the w-wheel, 4-wheel, and crab steering capability options. This allows for contractors to move around the jobsite with ease, especially when electrical boxes, plumbing and other protrusions are present throughout the slab.

Laser Screeds Improve Product Quality

Last but not least, Laser Screeds improve the overall quality of concrete products and projects as a whole. Because of the extensive research and development Somero has produced over the past three decades, Laser Screeds are able to adjust and adapt to just about any project site, and will indefinitely lay concrete more accurately than any human team in the industry. This, along with all of theother S22E laser screed specifications, allow for greater productivity on all concrete construction projects.

About Somero Enterprises

All of our products produce faster, flatter, fewer results that improve your bottom line and improve the quality of the product that your company produces. Throughout history, Somero has continuously designed and manufactured one-of-a-kind equipment to help the most demanding concrete contractor get jobs done right.

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