Need Inexpensive Concrete Leveling Equipment? Consider Factory Certified Remanufactured Equipment from Somero

Somero Enterprises, the world-wide leader in concrete placing and leveling equipment, is pleased to offer a selection of Factory Certified Remanufactured Equipment.

If you are looking for a new piece of equipment but can’t quite afford it, why not consider remanufactured laser screed equipment? With each purchase, you will receive Somero’s labor-saving technology at an affordable price. Not to mention the peace of mind that knowing your new remanufactured equipment is completely safe and durable.

All Factory Certified Remanufactured Equipment comes with a one-year warranty, free training, and C.E. certification. Financing is available with approved credit;click here to see if you qualify!

Some of our other factory certified remanufactured equipment includes:

SXP Laser Screed

Also known as the Somero eXtreme Platform, the SXP Laser Screed model brings you more of everything you are looking for. The SXP is packed with new features allowing you to use the laser screed on more jobs than ever before. Learn morehere.


This 4-wheel drive, ride-on, hydraulic powered concrete grading machine is designed to make placing concrete or grading fine-granular materials as easy as possible, so easy that your crew will be proficient with it in minutes. ThePowerRake was developed to allow a single operator the ability to rake more concrete in less time with no manual labor.

Mini Screed C

Known for its superior productivity and flatness, the Mini Screed C is generally used for small commercial, upper deck, and residential projects. You can now have the high quality, professionally produced floors you expect when working with a larger Laser Screed and a larger commercial project. Learn more about the factory certified remanufactured Mini Screed C today!


The CopperHead Laser Screed is the first walk behind concrete leveling machine for grade and above grade flatwork. This piece of concrete equipment is available at a remarkable low price and includes on-site training. Learn more about the affordable CopperHead and increase both productivity and cost-efficiency to your pours today.

S-160 Laser Screed

Last but not least, the Somero S-160 Laser Screed model features an 8-foot wide screeding head mounted on a 20-foot telescopic boom and produces 160 square feet of screeded concrete per pass. The S-160 can easily handle 3” slump concrete, larger aggregate mixes and fibrous concrete, learn more here.

How to Purchase Factory Certified Remanufactured Equipment

To begin achieving higher quality floors that Somero is known for, click here view our current inventory of remanufactured equipment or contact your Somero sales representative to see which machine is right for you today.