Our Mission: Your Success

It all starts with “why?”

Our mission revolves around a simple question, “Why do we exist?”.  For every Somero employee, the answer is clear. We work hard to deliver world-class products and services because we’re passionate about your success. Everyday we strive to ensure our customers achieve their business and profitability goals. Ultimately, our goal if for you to see this passion in every interaction as we help you increase your productivity and ultimately your bottom line.

How we pursue our mission makes us unique.

In addition, our technology enables you to install every slab faster, flatter, and with fewer people. Somero products are developed based on a deep understanding of the industry and direct customer engagement that, to this day, drives us to develop innovative products and services. Yet our business is more than simply selling equipment. We provide customers access to unparalleled industry expertise, training, and support. Ultimately, we want to be there to help when you need it the most.

What we provide

Finally, we offer a wide portfolio of products that cover concrete slab placements in all types of construction projects. In addition to equipment and software products, Somero also sells parts, accessories and provides service and training to customers to keep their machines up and running and operating optimally.

To explore your options and determine which of our solutions is the best match for your needs, call us today at +1-239-210-6519.