Product of the Month: Somero S-15M

Somero Enterprises is the world’s leading seller of quality concrete leveling Laser Screed equipment. If you’ve been on our blog over the last few months, you’ll notice that we blog about a featured product each month. This month, we’ll be focusing on the Somero® S-15M Laser Screed® model.

Our S-15M Laser Screed model is one of our new Laser Screed models available for purchase. It’s received rave reviews among our customers and here, we’ll outline some of the key features and benefits of the Somero S-15M.

The S-15M Laser Screed is Faster

With the S-15M Laser Screed, you’re able to screed up to 460 square meters per hour (or 5,000 square feet per hour). Additionally, setup for the S-15M is quick and easy (we’re talking a few minutes). The same can be said for cleanup – the S-15M is equipped with an on-board hydraulic powered pressure washer.

The S-15M Laser Screed is Flatter

A Laser Screeds purpose is to level concrete floors accurately and perfectly. The S-15M has improved floor levelness compared to traditional methods and monitors grade 10 times/second. Also, this machine is able to achieve demanding levelness specifications.

The S-15M Laser Screed is Efficient

Our S-15M (a one-person operations) does the work of 5 men compared to your conventional concrete crew. With the Somero S-15M (as with our other Laser Screed models), you’re able to lower your mode factor and reduce employee turnover.

Additional S-15M Features

This S-15M Laser Screed machine for concrete leveling is able to screed 160 sf for every pass suing 6m telescopic boom that reaches over concrete. The hydraulic cylinders can apply the pressure down in the auger and plow for maintaining grade so that the surface can be smoother as compared to the result given by rigid mounting style machines.

The plow rakes help in raking down the high concrete fillings within low spots and the Quick Pass Feature of the machine helps in raking down the excessive high concrete without the need for manual intervention. Additionally, a hydraulic auger will cut the surface so as to displace and grade the excessive concrete towards the side with the help of a double flight auger as well as the offset head design to minimize any side overlap. The electronic vibrator will help in saving weight and will apply equal harmonics all across the complete vibrator width.

Contact us about the Somero S-15M Today

We’re confident that the S-15M Laser Screed® model will be the perfect addition to your concrete construction team. To learn more about the S-15M, click here orcontact a member of our sales team today!