Product of the Month: The S-22 E Laser Screed

The world of construction has significantly moved on from the worker and labor intensive styles of working to those that are more technologically guided and aided. With the widespread of use of technology becoming norm, there are several products that have come into the market vying for the attention of the contractors to make their operations more cost effective and streamlined. The numbers of leading products have emerged in the concrete handling facility which has become a hot bed for the most technologically advanced machinery and product ranges.

Our product of the month this time around comes from the concrete specific product ranges, which is the S-22 E Laser Screed. One of the finest of Somero enterprise productions, the S-22 E comes with the latest laser Screed® technology. This product is the heir to the throne of large line of laser screed family products and holds every bit of the usefulness and perfection that was available in those versions. In terms of adaptability and control, the S-22E gives the contractor the chance of making use of a whole host of options as well as a greater control over the concrete processes.

This model has one of the most illustrious ranges of features. Here are a few features that will highlight its usefulness to the cause:

  • S-22E is a modifiable machine, which means that the contractors are able to have their machine chop and change until it is perfectly tailored to meet the requirements. This modification will allow the contractor the chance to make sure they are able to fulfill their screeding requirements all while keeping in their budgets.
  • The S-22E incorporates cutting edge technology, as it has all the features of the SXP-D plus, as well as has been laced with the groundbreaking new OASIS laser control system from Somero.
  • The S-22E comes with an internally present engine performance diagnostics which is able to alert, notify and warn the operator about any kind of fault that might occur. Think that’s enough? It also makes sure the operator knows the operations by providing them with engine operating parameters.
  • To make sure the accuracy and usability of the device is maintained, the S-22E laser screed comes with joystick steering. This allows the operator to be better at the steering of the machine since it can be maneuvered without having to release grip.
  • To save the operator and the machine itself from added tribulations, the concrete works machine comes with auto stabilizers. The job of the stabilizer is to save time with respect to respect to extended and retracted positions.
  • The machine allows for a preprogrammed state that includes the operator being able to set up the boom travel, head rotate speed and boom rotate. The main advantage of presetting allows the repeatable and accurate operator controls.

The world of concrete placement is constantly evolving and if you want to keep pace with it, our product of the month, S-22 E-Laser Screed, could be the right fit for your company.

When you purchase a machine from Somero, you’re not only purchasing a more efficient way to level concrete for your business. With Somero, you’re guaranteed to receive top-quality customer service, product training, and 24/7 support after the purchase of your machine. We know that our success depends on the success of our clients, which is why we take each step necessary to ensure that our clients see huge success in the machines we provide.

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