Product of the Month: The Somero S-22E

Somero has dedicated its time and experience to developing the best tools and equipment of its kind in the industry. Since the company’s inception in the 1980’s, Somero has designed machines that will make the ordinary construction company extraordinary. Laser screeds for example, have been improved over time to better serve our clients and the construction industry.

We are proud to announce our product of the month: The Somero S-22E Laser Screed.

The S-22E Laser Screed Specifications

The S-22E allows for concrete professionals to choose from several different options for using the machine. Operators can select from different head sizes, as well as choose base machine features. The S-22E laser screed is 8-feet tall, weighs about 13,600 pounds, 86 inches wide and has a boom reach of 20-feet. It is operated by a Deutz 74 HP engine.

Other S-22E Product Information

Many of our customers who have used the S-22E Laser Screed are ecstatic about the results they encountered. Steve Lloyd, CEO of Operations for MAXXCRETE said that he once saved his customer money and took 30-days off of their projected schedule. This is great news for all concrete construction workers because saving time means more availability for other, new projects.

Shawn Barnes, Operations Manager for Concrete Services also claimed, “”I could not be more impressed by the performance of the S-22E and the way it delivers a quality product, the accuracy of the S-22E, with this tool it is going to take placing slabs to the next level!” Concrete Services also received a Golden Trowel award on the first project they used their S-22E Laser Screed on.

S-22E Product Training

As with all of Somero’s products and equipment, Somero provides several training options to help operators become certified on their machines. The S-22E laser screed trainng is taught at our new Global Headquarters and Training Facility in Fort Myers, FL.

Global Technical Support

Should anything go wrong with the S-22E Laser Screed, Somero offers 24/7 global technical support with all of its equipment sold. Owners and operators alike can get in touch with an expert fast, to help answer any questions or concerns you may have.

To learn more about the S-22E laser screed or to contact a sales representative about purchasing new concrete equipment, click here.